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A Once In A Lifetime Holiday To America

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I married my beloved in a wonderful ceremony two years ago, but because of constraints, we didn’t go on honeymoon.  We didn’t go away at all – with two young children to care for and busy jobs that kept us on our toes, we both felt that going away was something that would just have to wait.

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Wait It Did

Two years slid past before we could blink and then my mother offered me the chance of a lifetime: she’d won four tickets to Disneyland, so she could take my stepdad, herself and my two children and she told me that if I could get the money together, we could come too – she’d even let us spend a week on our own, as a honeymoon.

We struggled and saved and scraped and scrimped.  Just before we went on holiday, we thought we had everything when I realised that my passport had expired!  I looked into it and it cost a lot to renew and I just couldn’t find the money.  So I applied for an online payday loan.  It was the only way I could think of to get my passport sorted out.  Luckily, we got the loan and then I breezed through renewing the passport, but it was a bit of a close thing.  It took me three weeks to find the passport and then we thought it wouldn’t get back in time.

A Close Run Thing

From start to finish, I really struggled with getting things done, especially with my passport.  I filled out the form wrong and sent back my passport, but only after I found the paperwork to go with it.  I was really upset as I thought I’d lost my passport and that would cost me more and then we had to wait.

Our holiday was a close run thing; my passport showed up about three days before we were going to travel and I thought for a minute there that I would have to go up to Liverpool to collect it.  One of the major worries I had was that it just wouldn’t be ready – my mother was so angry.  She thought that she wouldn’t get to go as she couldn’t take the kids on her own.  But it showed up, we managed to pack and we went on our honeymoon!  I was so delighted.

Never Left the Country

I’d never left the country – ever.  Therefore everything was an adventure and my husband and I loved every minute of it.  Disneyland was amazing, as were the other things that we did in Florida and we stayed in a lovely hotel and made sure that we filled up every minute of the day with something amazing or fun.   We went to all of the touristy things, but it wasn’t just about seeing that stuff – we really had a great time as a family.  What’s more, my mother surprised me and my fiancée with a trip to Las Vegas for four days while she stayed with the kids.  I won back the money for my holiday and a little bit more – it was such an adventure and we had such a great time that I’m really desperate to go back.  We’re planning another holiday in four years when my son graduates – as his treat for finishing high school.  He’s got a goal to work towards and we know we’re going back.

But without the loan, we’d have never managed it – and it taught me to make sure my passport was valid before even planning a trip.  Without that, I’d probably have enjoyed planning the holiday more.

Jasmin Blunt is a blogger who loves going on holiday; who doesn’t. However to alleviate the stress of unexpected holiday expenses, it is worth researching how to apply for an online payday loan.

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