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Why Nantucket Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

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Nantucket Panorama – Nantucket, Massachusetts by Henry Zbyszynski uploaded in Flickr

Spring time is officially here, and that means you should begin planning ahead for the summertime. If you have not yet picked out a destination for your summer trip, Nantucket is the place to be. An island off the coast of Massachusetts, Nantucket has been a cultural center for decades, filled with fun events all through the summer.  There are activities to participate in for athletes, book lovers, and cinephiles.

Story Time

Summertime is a season of relaxation, and what better way to escape than with a book.  High stimulation technology has become ever-present in many people’s day-to-day lives, but books provide an outlet that is engaging and stimulating without a power cord.  The Nantucket Book Festival provides a wonderful opportunity to hear some of your favorite authors speak about their work, or even interact with them. You can pack light and purchase books at the event, then sneak away to the beach for a pleasant read the next day.

Brant Point Lighthouse – Nantucket, Massachusetts
uploaded in Flickr by Doug Kerr.

Film Fest

If you’ve ever watched footage from the Cannes film festival or even one of the red carpet events in New York and wondered what it would be like – this is for you. The Nantucket film Festival is in its eighteenth year, and boasts more movies than ever this year. This is a unique opportunity to view independent films without the massive crowd of some of the bigger U.S. film festivals. There are multiple screenings going on across the island for five days with short films, juried award ceremonies, and celebrity appearances.


If you are looking for a physical challenge during your summer getaway, this is the race for you. Right at the end of July, Nantucket will be hosting its annual triathlon. This race is ideal for summer runners because the weather will be beautiful, the scenery incomparable, and the money raised goes to a good cause. Unlike many fun runs that will be held throughout the summer, the Nantucket Triathlon supports the town’s scholarship fund to help provide financial opportunities for students. The race is well organized, and attracts a fair-sized group while not overcrowding the course.

If you are interested in participating in any of these events, read up now on dates and ticketing. Consider Nantucket vacation rentals so your family can spend a week or two on the island.  You can enjoy one or more of these amazing events.  You’ll be able to take in the sights all while relaxing in the natural serenity of the island.

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