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Rome: Capital City of Serenity

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For being a famous and well-travelled city, Rome is always filled with tourists who wanted to get a hold of the awesome tourist attractions. Thus, surge of crowds from locals and most especially tourists are normally expected in this very popular city.

However, even people know this very well about Rome, tourists can still get to choose the kind of vacation they want to have. Should they want an eventful tour, it’s simply achievable with the wide array of activities and amazing sights.

On the other hand, Rome is also the best place to spend a serene vacation if one wants to escape from their chaotic urban life and hectic work. As long as tourists know how, they should be on their way to having the best vacation ever in the capital city of serenity.

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When to go in Rome

Although Rome is always filled with tourists at any time of the year, those who wanted lesser crowds can go off-season which is from December to February. Tourists will just have to bear with the chilly weather during these months, though, but the least crowd and best deals are certainly good trade-offs.

Places to go in relishing Rome’s serenity

If you want to relish Rome’s serenity, the ideal places to visit are museums and churches. And if you schedule your trip during the aforementioned off-season months, the chilly temperature should not pose as a hindrance unless you prefer to explore the outdoors, go for scenic views or neighbourhood and city strolling.

Museums in Rome are filled with the finest artworks. It is also ideal to visit these places during off-peak and cold seasons since some of the museums are not air conditioned. Among the notable museums are Maxxi, the National Museum of Art from the 21st Century, the Macro on Via Nizza, Palazzo Altemps, Auditorium Parco della Musica, and much more.

Vatican City, a country within the confines of Rome, is a place that any Rome travel guide will always include in its list. Although people can never expect a less crowded season for Vatican, this should not be enough to prevent tourists from being awed at its divinity. Among the most visited are the St. Peter’s Square, Basilica, Sistine Chapel, and the museums and gardens.

If the weather allows it, Piazza de Santa Maria is a good place to hang out. Locals and tourists simply sit on the steps and silently watch interesting people pass by. It may sound like an ordinary thing but it’s certainly something that you can’t do in most parts of the world.

Villa Doria Pamphili is an acres-wide open space where people jog, go for a picnic, or play soccer. The place is so huge that several people relishing the place can’t make it feel too crowded or noisy.

Final Words

With these helpful suggestions in savouring Rome’s serenity, you should now know where to start in having a reviving vacation that will let you see the beauty of Rome and life in general. By adding a little time and effort and researching for the best and serene places in Rome, you will surely have the best vacations in your life only from Rome.

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