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Essential Items For A Holiday In The Sun

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Now that the festive period is well and truly over and January is underway, we all start to think about that much needed holiday in the sun, where we can forget the stresses and strains of life and completely relax. There is nothing worse than going on holiday, only to realise you have forgotten some of the essential items you need. The following checklist will help keep you in check so that you have all you need to get the most out of your holiday.


You won’t get very far without your passport, so make sure you have this before leaving the house. It is advisable to look this out several weeks before going on holiday as it is one of the items we can easily misplace around the house.

Sun cream

You should pack sun cream and take it with you as it means you can choose the right one to suit your skin type. You might want to take a few different levels of sun cream, so that you are always suitably protected for the varying temperatures.


As well as your passport, tickets are necessary for ensuring you get on the plane in the first place. You can sometimes just hand over a booking number or scan the ticket from your phone, but it is best to check this out beforehand.


It is a good idea to take a lot of beachwear items, as these will be your staple choice of clothing for the duration of the holiday. You will usually be wearing your swimwear every day of your holiday, so it is a good idea to take quite a few to choose from. You don’t really want to have to start buying clothes that you won’t wear out with the holiday or have to wash everything, so make sure you pack too many items rather than too little.


It is important to keep your eyes protected in the sunshine, which is why sunglasses are an essential item to take with you. There is a wide range of sunglasses to choose from, depending on your taste, including Oakley sunglasses, which are good quality and will also ensure you don’t end up with a squint as you try to read your book on the beach.


It can be really expensive to buy toiletries on holiday and much more cost-effective to take them with you. You can find travel sizes that will save you from having to take a lot back home with you and will also save you the expense of the full sizes. It means you will have a lot more space in your suitcase for all the other shopping you want to do! Shampoo, conditioner, showing gel, toothpaste and deodorant are the main items you should pack for your holiday.


Holidays in the sunshine often include a lot of lying around on the beach or by the pool, which is why you need something to keep yourself entertained or you will get bored very quickly. A good book (or several) will give you a good way to keep yourself entertained as you laze around and enjoy the sunshine. You can always share with your friend or partner if you run out.


There is no better way to unwind and relax than with some good music, so make sure you pack you pack your music player or headphones for your phone. It is a good idea to upload some holiday tunes which will get you in the mood and will remind you of your holiday after it is a distant memory.

Aimee Coppock writes in the shade and on holiday in the sun. Oakley sunglasses are a popular brand Aimee uses as they last for a long time and keep you protected for the duration of your holiday. (Or blog updating.)

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