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To Pack Or Not To Pack?

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I recently took my first skiing trip and was astonished at the amount of gear I had to take with me. The trouble is that no frills airlines offer only a small luggage allowance and so I found myself struggling on the packing front. The dilemma I was left with was what do I pack in the way of clothes for a full week’s holiday when I only have room for one outfit?

Photo Credit Sjkoh me with my ski gear posted in Flickr

Skiing Gear

My first priority was obviously to pack all the necessary skiing gear. I had paid a surcharge for a sports equipment bag which would carry my skis and poles but that still left my boots, jacket, salopettes, socks, thermals, fleece tops and helmet to accommodate in the one bag that I was allowed. Taking a larger bag was not an option as the weight limit was 20kg and with the inclusion of my heavy boots I would be in danger of exceeding this. The long and short of it was that once I had packed all the essentials I had room for only one outfit to take on the trip and that, plus the clothes I was wearing on the plane would have to do. Thank god we would have a washing machine at the apartment!


Obviously, with only one outfit I would have to choose something which would be acceptable for both dining in the evening, a night out in a bar and as day wear in the event that we were not on the slopes. Whatever I took would also have to be washable and durable as I could not afford any burst seams and failed zips as that would leave me with nothing! I stood in my bedroom on the night before the trip scratching my head and wondering what to do. I rejected the idea of my combat trousers as they were a little uncomfortable and my newest jeggings were questionable on the durability front. In the end, the answer was obvious. Take a pair of jeans! After all, you can wear them anywhere, wash them as many times as you wish and they are the ultimate in hard wearing attire.

Photo Credit Ahmet Kilci posted in Flickr

The Trip

So it was that I arrived at Stansted with a rather heavy bag which contained a lot of ski gear, some underwear and a pair of Levis 501’s. The jeans did a masterful job for the entire trip being paired with both ski wear and the hoodie that I packed for use under my ski jacket but which had proved unnecessary on the slopes. In fact the whole trip was a revelation as I had discovered that it was perfectly possible to enjoy an entire holiday with so little attire that skiing apart I would not have required luggage at all. The next time I travel I will be much more minimalist with my packing. No more awkward dilemmas, just take your jeans and have done with it!

Sally Stacey is a blogger, writer and business owner who has recently taken up skiing.

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