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What’s the best place to experience Sydney and why

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Best place to experience Sydney

Best place to experience Sydney, Go out…see the world!

Best place to experience Sydney: People have very complicated lives nowadays; they work and work and work and they forget how to enjoy life, how great it is to have a break and experience new things. They are the ones who work 24/7 so that they can lead comfortable lives but forget the fact that they need to have fun as well. There are many things in this world that are worth seeing and experiencing. Let’s take Sydney for example. It’s a great city, with a lot of great places to see, interesting people to meet and so on. But what would you say about experiencing all of these things combined?

Seeing the city through different eyes

Sydney theatre

There are some people who have a brought a brand new concept into the life of Sydney, and they’ve changed the idea of entertainment completely. The concept is called “interactive theatre” and it focuses on the idea of a moving scene, just like in the movies. The main difference here is the fact that the audience is involved in all the action. Actors play their parts, improvise, and change their roles within the audience and alongside it in a continuous move. There are several scenes that take places in various parts of the city in which trained people are placed to handle various tasks. The members of the audience can contribute on the plot of the task, and everything escalades from there.

You are the plot!

The greatest thing about this idea is the fact that you are working alongside the members of the crew in order to make the plot happen. This means that you are a main character of the play alongside some of the designated actors. It might sound a little bit crazy, but you, the normal you, will be playing a role in the show. This is something different from anything else that you have might experienced and it can be a great way to discover who you are and what you like. You can have the time of your life.

It’s contemporary art!

Many people are very skeptical when it comes to this form of art because they are not used to the idea of being involved with the show, rather than watching it. This is very common because people are adjusted only to what they are given, what they are familiar with, and that’s one of the reasons why interactive theatre may come as a shock. But after this adjustment period, everyone is intrigued by the idea of doing something different. By participating in the experience, the audience sees the show through different eyes, they understand the idea better and they even go home with some questions of their own. It’s another form of art that has a much more powerful impact on the audience than conventional theatre.

You’ll discover the city

This is another argument in favor of  Sydney’s interactive theatre. Many people that are living in a certain city don’t actually know the city very well. The main reason why this happens is that people don’t have time to discover a city, don’t have time to visit new places, and certainly don’t have time to get lost. The idea of an interactive theatre is to take you, as an audience member, to various places inside the heart of your city, to help you discover places, cultures, and even people you have’t encountered before. Some interactive theatre participants have found their favorite bakeries in this way, others have found the church where they want to get married, and there are couples that found their favorite love nest. Experiences like this one may encourage people to want more, to see more things, and try other routines besides their normal ones.

The interactive theatre experience is meant to open people’s eyes and help them see the fact that they need a break from everything, a break to try something new. It’s this type of attitude that can bring happiness to one’s life instead of misery or sadness.

Author Zoe Ines is a professional actor and cultural manager. She has worked with theatre restaurants in Sydney, New York and Paris. Share your view on “What’s the best place to experience Sydney and why” in the comment section below.

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