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Greatest Australian Road Trips

by Diana Smith
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Australian Road Trips

Australian Road Trips: Planning a road trip? Want to go somewhere you have never been before? Or you’re just willing to explore and share an adventure in someplace exciting? Well buckle your seatbelts – we’re going to Australia! If you have never visited Australia it is high time you do it. Except for the fact that this country possesses such diverse flora and fauna, the sights you will see here will get stuck in your mind for a lifetime. And that is kind of the point. So if you have decided to plan your next vacation here, we will list some of the tours you have to see while you’re visiting this remarkable destination.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Great Ocean Road Victoria

This is a must-see! It is said that this is one of the world’s greatest road-trip adventures. It is just an hour’s drive from downtown Melbourne and it spreads about 250km on the south coast of the Australian continent. It is the home of the Great Otway National Park that looks like something out of a fairytale. It includes forests, waterfalls, beaches, walking trails, and also very diverse vegetation. Besides this work of wonder, the next thing you mustn’t miss is the Shipwreck Coast. It is the home of the so-called 12 Apostles; rock formations stacked one beside each other on a most magnificent beach coast.

Gondwana Rainforest Way

Gondwana Rainforest Way

The story behind this tour is amazing. About 20 million years ago, between New South Wales and Queensland, there lay a series of volcanoes spewing molting hot lava all over the place. And a couple of million years later when the lava and ash have settled down on this soil, there remained just the most remarkable set of valleys green peeks, and subtropical rainforests. This way this region has become the home of no more or less than 14 national parks. If this isn’t enough, the main attraction is the rhino-horn spike on Mt. Warning; also if you would like to come out of the wild zone, some routes offer a great view of dairy farms, sugar cane farms, and banana plantations.

East Coast Escape, Tasmania

East Coast Escape Tasmania

And what is the trip to Australia worth if you haven’t visited Tasmania? This 295km long tour includes three national parks, and some of the most beautiful beaches and if you’re tired of wildlife you can always stop by the Orford Golf Course or the Darlington Vineyard. One of the most popular destinations on this tour is certainly the Convict Trail which includes a coastal walk between East Shelly Beach and Spring Beach. Also, Maria Island offers a tour of the Darlington convict settlement where you can see all kinds of things such as prison cells, chapels, barns and cottages dating back to the 19th century!

Nature’s Way

wildlife enthusiast

If you are a wildlife enthusiast be sure not to miss this tour. Tourists can cruise the East Alligator River where they can see different animals, birds, and crocodiles. The 457km tour starts in Darwin and follows the Kakadu Highway which is the home of the most amazing Aboriginal rocks. All of it can be explored by foot on clearly marked walking trails or if you decide to pass it by car, be sure to equip your vehicle. Strong tires are essential; you can easily find everything you need on tyres online. It’s always smart when going on these kinds of road trips to come prepared. And at the end of this tour don’t forget to visit the historic gold mining town of Pine Creek and the magnificent Butterfly Gorge Nature Park.

It almost feels like you are already there. So why wait? Start planning and start packing! Whether you wish to visit one of the majority of National Parks, or you just want to enjoy a great coastline walk, or perhaps see some wildlife in their natural habitat, Australia has it all. These couple of tours are just the beginning of what this place has to offer. Go on and start your own adventure. Explore everything. Don’t let yourself believe that those long highway drives along the desert and those scenic roads and beautiful landscapes are just pictures from a movie. Rather make their pictures in your photo album.

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