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Tips for Foreign Business Travel

by Diana Smith
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Tips for Foreign Business Travel

Tips for Foreign Business Travel: The whole world is a backyard, full of opportunity and countless chances for international success. Most companies play it safe and it is understandable why, but without risk, there is also no room for reaching even greater business heights. It’s necessary to push the envelope, that’s how businesses grow. So if you want to accomplish such aspirations, to leave that comfort zone and go out of state bounds, than here are some tips how to prepare yourself for foreign business travel…


First off, you need to clearly know the purpose of your visit. Think about the goals you wish to accomplish and how will it impact your business – in short term, as well as long term. It’s all about developing a strategy, figuring out what tools, tactics and means will help you reach those goals. For instance, if you want to secure contracts for product sale, focus on presentation and meetings with contacted clients. Also, find out which market might welcome your product in the first place, but also evaluate the competition, because they can push you out of the scene no matter if your product is suitable for local consumers. That is why research and preparation are crucial before commencing any kind of business activity, or otherwise you won’t last long.

Foreign Business Travel


If you’re into real estate, than you aught to pay attention to location. If you’re into international business, then it’s all about preparation. Bottom line is you have to do your homework before engaging in any kind of domestic, let alone international commercial activity. You have to research all facets of the opportunity thoroughly, as well as the foreign country itself that you plan on linking your business to. Every country has a specific social regime, laws, a particular culture, people and work ethics – everything demographic should be taken into account. Those differences influence how you should adapt your line of work. Once you have acquired a sufficient amount od information, than you have to think about your finances…

Efficiency and frugality

All business travels tend to be costly, especially if you own a small, or even a medium sized firm with a tight budget. You need to estimate if you need financial assistance – find a sponsor, or contact your government/bank for aid. Also, such travels should not include much leisure, since the main priority is setting up international business relations. Although visiting a different country can be entertaining and broadening, focus on the task that has been undertaken, even if there is an alternative. You are not a tourist, unless you have time, will and the money for such additional arrangements. Stay on the course!

Business Travel

Ask for help, seek expertise

You can undeniably get a lot of help and advice by just asking for it. Use any extra source of useful information that you can find, establish a network among your friends and colleagues, seek contacts who will assist you in understanding a foreign country and its industry better… You need to be at the top of the game with dilligence, tact and endurance, because chances of failing are higher then succeeding. Nothing is certain with these kind of endeavours, but fortune definitely favours the best prepared. Also, don’t ever neglect the power of the Internet! All your promotional products, your connections, clients, presentations, marketing material, company’s image, etc. can easily be interconnected, displayed and distributed online. The whole world is smaller now, everything is accessable with a simple click of a mouse, so develop your trade right, contact your trade administration, or commerce department and feel free to ask for professional assistance/guidance if necessary.

Sell it without lingual prejudice

You need to reach out and touch your customers without judging them by their ability to speak English. Not everyone will be able to reach the same level of language fluency, so you need to be flexible on that matter. Knowing, or learning the language of the country you’re trying to establish a business in is always a huge advantage, thus showing solidarity and a sense of familiarity. It’s like working on a relationship, it takes effort, as well as innovation to gather a substantial clientele and it usually begins with a phone call, or an e-mail, one at a time.

When you come home from your trip, you may tire from the jet lag and the traffic itself. There is a common condition where travelling west is much harder than travelling east. Nevertheless, such business ventures may take a certain toll, but you can come out of it successful, as long as you follow-up on your promises and resolve issues along the way. It may never run smooth, but that should not stop you from thanking the individuals who helped you, because it would be impossible to do everything alone.

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