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Jakhyung Monastery “Land of Merit and Prosperity”

by Meirong Lee
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Jakhyung Monastery

The Jakhyung Monastery is located 9.5 kilometers south of Chafu Township, Hualong County. It is also known as the Xiaqun Temple, the Xiazhong Temple and the Shazhong Temple. The Tibetan name of the temple means “Land of Merit and Prosperity”. It faces the Yellow River to the south and is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The mountain behind it resembles a soaring eagle.

The temple is one of the oldest in Qinghai. It was originally a temple of the Kadam Sect of Tibetan Buddhism and later was taken over by the Gelug Sect. Construction of the temple began in 1349 in the Yuan Dynasty. Its founder Choje Dondrup Rinchen was the first teacher of Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelug Sect. The Jakhyung Monastery, where Tsongkhapa studied Buddhist classics in his early years, is regarded as the birthplace of the Gelug Sect.

Transport: Take a bus from downtown Xining to Hualong, and then go to the temple by taxi or take a bus from Hualongto Chafu.

Jakhyung Monastery

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