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Hanhai Dalian Lakes

by Meirong Lee
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Hanhai Dalian Lakes Hurleg Lake

Hanhai Dalian Lakes: The site is located on the Huaitoutala Grassland, about 50 kilometers to the west of Delingha. Two beautiful and tranquil lakes, Hurleg Lake and Toson Lake, on the grassland, are connected by a river. The two Lakes have gone through similar ecological and evolutionary changes but differ widely in shape, views, and attributive characters.

Hurleg Lake of Hanhai Dalian Lakes

The Bayin River flows into Hurleg Lake. After depositing its silt there, it flows from the low land in the south into Toson Lake. As a result, the water in Hurleg Lake is clear and fresh. The calm freshwater lake is endowed with lush water weeds, shoals of fish, and other aquatic resources like crabs, and enchanting scenery.

Toson Lake

Hanhai Dalian Lakes Hurleg Lake

Toson Lake is a typical inland salt lake with a vast water surface. When the weather is good, the lake is unruffled and blends into the sky in the distance. But when the weather is stormy, the lake is turbulent, producing waves lapping loudly on the shore.

As the two lakes are linked by a river, they look like a long, rectangular bag sewn up at both ends with an opening in the middle (usually worn around the waist or across the shoulder). Hence, the two lakes are collectively called Dalian Lake.

Transport: Take a long-distance bus from Xining to Delingha.

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