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How to Plan the Best RV Road Trip in Texas

by Shelley Trupert
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Planning for RV Road Trip in Texas? The best RV road trips are a result of exceptional planning and execution. That said, some travelers prefer a more carefree way of traveling and don’t know the first thing about preparing for a short excursion, let alone an entire RV road trip. No matter how you plan, if you are looking to head out for a holiday in Texas, start here with these 6 guidelines from seasoned RV travelers. Follow them and you’ll be able to create the best RV road trip without the hassle.

1. Decide where you’re going to visit

Texas stretches across 268,820 square miles of land (that is equivalent to 173 Rhode Islands) so, not having a list of destinations you would like to visit during the trip only raises your chances of wandering around, wasting your time, and overspending. Choose your destinations before leaving for the trip.

Besides, without a list of go-to places, you won’t be able to exercise the other tips in this post. Texas is filled with exciting travel destinations, and I’m confident curating the list will be a fun experience as you try to narrow down your choices.

2. Time your trips carefully

While RVing in Texas two years ago, one family learned pretty late that certain campgrounds charged as little as $10 during weekdays and as much as $100 over the weekend. Learning this, they had to go back to the drawing board and create a new traveling itinerary.

This experience alone signifies the importance of timing your visits when on a road trip. The last thing you want is to reach a campground and learn that you could’ve saved up to $80 if you had come 48 hours earlier.

Better yet, timing your trips cautiously also implies you’ve taken into account issues such as weather, local entertainment listings, fun activities at the destination on certain days, and much more.

3. Decide where you would like to stay

You’ll need to make multiple stops during your road trip; so come up with a list of these stopovers before leaving your home. Some people prefer resort style RV sites with plenty of activities and amenities, while others prefer a wilder, off the beaten track location.

Creating this list won’t be a hard nut to crack either because you already know places you’re going to visit and how long it’ll take you to reach them. Use your travel itinerary and select the most suitable campgrounds to layover. The good news is, RV campgrounds in Texas have plenty to entice even bored travelers.

4. Estimate your travel cost

Most likely you have already set aside a fixed amount you’re willing to spend on your road trip across the Lone Star State. To approximate your total travel expenditure, use the list of go-to destinations and stop-overs to estimate the amount you’ll be required to spend at each location.

While estimating your expenses, remember to include food/drinks, entertainment, shopping (on gifts or souvenirs), mobile phone charges, and emergency expenses. This lessens the chance of having unexpected costs on the road.

5. Create a travel checklist

Would you like to camp out at the Enchanted Rock, roam the iconic Fort Worth Stockyards, cliff jump into Jacob’s well, get lost in Big Bend, or taste the gold standard of Texas barbecue? All these are activities you should include in your travel checklist.

The truth is, Texas is filled with exciting attractions and activities you wouldn’t want to miss for the world. In addition to that, you wouldn’t want to get home then remember you forgot to buy some cowboy boots, right? So come up with an all-inclusive checklist of everything you’d like to try out in Texas.

6. Prepare your RV for the road trip

Image Source Flickr by Mali Mish

For safety purposes, make sure your RV is in good shape to handle the long excursion ahead. Check the vehicle for water and propane leaks, tire damages, leaks in belt or hoses, cracks, or faulty external lights. To ensure you do not miss something crucial, take the RV to a mechanic for a full inspection.

Now that you have everything you need to plan the best Texas road trip, take time to get to know the RV before you hit the road. Whether it is a rental, new to you, or an old member of the family, make sure everything works the way it is supposed to, before you head out. There is nothing worse than going to hook up to an electrical site, only to find out your cord is badly frayed. Take that tip and avoid frustrations later on. From there, you are all set to enjoy the warm welcome of Texas, right from your RV.

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