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Lubbock: USA’s Economy Hub

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Lubbock: USA's Economy Hub Downtown Lubbock Texas

Lubbock: USA’s Economy Hub: It is quite unique to know that a city is the 83rd most populous city of a country, yet it is called the Hub City for contributing the greatest part in the country’s economy. This city is known as Lubbock. Being the home to three major universities of America; Texas Tech University for Health Sciences, Texas Tech University and Lubbock Christian University, the city is a hub of the county’s best health, religion and education facilities as well. With a population of around 240,000, Lubbock is the 11th most populous Texas city.

The economical importance of Lubbock is evident from the fact that CNN Money regarded Lubbock as the 12th best place in America to start a new business. Lubbock is also a home to the most important degree programs of America; however, the educational facilities of Lubbock do not accommodate the foreign students coming under the Full Bright Scholarship Program of America. People from all around the America send their children to Lubbock High School, which is regarded as the America’s top most high school by the NewsWeek. Lubbock High School is the only American school to teach IB or International Baccalaureate program.

The reasons for Lubbock importance do not end at the education only. Lubbock receives irrigation water from Ogallala Aquifer. The city is the largest cotton producer of the world. The cotton of Lubbock is transported to different parts of America, from where; it is dispatched for domestic and international trade. The best cotton quality is exported to different parts of the world, whereas, some of its percentage is transported to the domestic cotton producing companies as well.

Due to the economical importance of Lubbock, the government of Texas has paid special attention in developing the Lubbock tourist attractions, which serve not only the foreign tourists, but the American businessmen as well who come to Lubbock with families for business purposes.

  • Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theatre is one of those few drive-in theatres left in America which serve thousands of people at a time.
  • National Ranching Heritage Center shows you the historical royal life of Lubbock residents. This site is developed in the form of museums and artificial colonies.
  • Silent Wings Museum takes the tourists to those horrific times of the World War 2 when gliders were used to kill the enemies. The museum is one of the expensive most museums of America.

Lubbock City Attraction

About Lubbock Texas

Thomas Saltus Lubbock was one of the most prominent rangers of the Texas military, who served in the Texas civil war as a frontline soldier. He was the brother of Francis R. Lubbock. After the Texas Civil war, Lubbock was named after the Texas soldier Thomas Lubbock. However, the city was known to have two societies; Old Lubbock and Monterey. When the city had to sign in for a county seat, the issue of its name arouse between the two societies. However, it was soon peacefully settled when the people of Old Lubbock migrated to Monterey and made Old Lubbock an industrial and tourist place. In 1909, Lubbock sign in for the county seat.

Due to the prominence of Old Lubbock in industrial and economical development, the Texas Tech College was decided to be constructed in Old Lubbock. This college became Texas Tech University later on. Several other industries and educational institutes were also developed in Old Lubbock including the famous Lubbock universities and high school.

The most prominent developments of Lubbock include the Lubbock Lake Landmark which displays the 1200 years old occupational developments in Lubbock. The UFO case of v-shaped Lubbock Lights became another reason for Lubbock’s publicity.

Places To Visit In Lubbock

Science Spectrum Museum

Lubbock offers countless attractions to tourists. You will find plenty of things to do in the city; few of them are mentioned below;

  • Science Spectrum Museum is a theatre and museum for kids. The theatre shows the scientific movies for kids, whereas the kids can also enjoy the scientific and technological rides, along with the production of scientific objects with their creativity and tools of the museum administration.
  • The Buddy Holly Statue and West Texas Walk of Fame is a walking track inside a park. The center of this track contains the historic Buddy Holly statue.
  • The Museum of Texas Tech University contains skeletons and other remains of the American historic species.
  • Enjoy a nice evening playing golf at the Rawls Golf Course.

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