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Hall of Guanyin of the South Sea

by Meirong Lee
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Hall of Guanyin of the South Sea, Lungshan Temple of Manka

The Hall of Guanyin of the South Sea is located at the foot of Meici Mountain south of the county seat of Guide. The hall, which perches on the mountain, was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Its major structures are the front gate, an archway, the Crescent Pond, the Nether World, the Hall of Guanyin, the Wenfeng Pavilion, the Luzu Hall and the Sanqing Palace.

Standing in the Wenfeng Pacilion, you can have a full view of Guide.

The Hall of Guanyin or Guanyin Hall is the most important annex halls in Chinese Buddhist temples and mainly for enshrining Guanyin. Guanyin, also called “Guanshiyin”, “Guanshizizai”, “Guanzizai”, etc., is the attendant of Amitabha and one of the “Western Three Saints”. Guanyin is renowned for his mercy and sympathy. According to Chapter of the Universal Gate of AvalokiteŇõvara Bodhisattva, if people are in danger, they just need to call his name and he will hear them and go to save them. Since he has many manifestations, different places enshrine different statues of Saint Guanyin, Guanzizai, and Thousand-armed and eyed Guanyin

Transport: Take a bus from the Xining Long-distance Bus Station to Guide County.

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