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What To Expect In Scotland

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If you’re planning a trip to Scotland, you’re in for a grand time in a beautiful land. But many people don’t know what to expect when they step off the plane – what is Scotland really like? Here are a few of the things you can expect to see and experience when you arrive in the land of claymores and clover.

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1. Kilts. Many people ask whether Scottish men still wear kilts, or if that’s just a stereotype. The simple answer is yes, they still wear them – and you may see some during your visit. However, the kilt is considered formal wear; expect to see kilts mostly at evening events where a suit and tie is the norm. Kilts are by no means common, but you’ll spot them here and there.

2. Deep fried food. Scotland doesn’t have a reputation for fine cuisine like France or Italy, but it certainly knows how to make a tasty meal. Starting with the British classic, fish and chips, Scottish restaurants have perfected the art of deep-drying in recent years. Fried candy bars (battered in the same breading as the fish) are an amazing, if unhealthy treat, and the Scottish egg is a boiled egg wrapped in sausage, breaded and deep fried.

3. Great whisky. Scotch whisky is an experience unto itself, and because of the way it’s made, it is often praised even more highly than Irish whiskey. Every region has its own style of scotch and taking a distillery tour or attending a tasting is a must for any admirer of fine spirits in Scotland.

4. Natural beauty. Although Ireland is the one known as the Emerald Isle, many parts of Scotland are even more green and lush, and Scotland boasts varied terrain including misty mountains, ancient forests and of course – the highland heath we all know from Braveheart.

5. Friendly people. The people in Scotland really do have a cheerful, welcoming attitude. Whether it’s the Celtic virtue of hospitality or just a natural effect of relying on a tourist economy, they will reach out to you in pubs, shops and on the street and you can count on locals to give you directions or advice on what to see. Many Scottish are proud of their country and glad that visitors are coming to see it.

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Are you ready to get your kilt and get started? There are hundreds of attractions in Scotland worth seeing, but no matter where you go, the country and its people will offer you a great experience.

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