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What Can You Customise With Custom Cases?

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Customise With Custom Cases

Customise With Custom Cases: When it comes to protecting your equipment there is no one size fits all solution. You may have to travel a lot, be put in different temperatures or be in contact with different elements. This is why you need to ability to make your own custom cases.

Before you look into cases for your products it’s important you know exactly what you can customise. Doing so will give you the biggest chance of finding exactly what you need.

The Materials

The Materials

It has to be said that the materials on the case are extremely important to the functionality and protection. They are possibly the biggest important aspect on any case. You can have cases with varying materials below are some of the most common:

  • Pelican cases
  • Storm cases
  • Aluminium cases
  • Presentation cases

Each one of these cases is suited for different needs. For example the presentation case is for business purposes and is used to hold important information that you will carry around. On the other hand aluminium cases are very strong and light. This makes it ideal for rugged items that you will carry around often.

The Foam

Many cases come with custom foam inserts. Foam inserts are there for the interior protection of the case. You can get them in different sizes in depths making them great for people that need the customisation and protection. If you’re dealing with delicate materials then it’s vital that you ensure that foam inserts are present. If these said materials are heavy then it would be recommended to get deeper foam that will hold and protect them as much as possible.


Branding Cases

Branding is simply getting all of your company logos and images present on the case. This method is particularly effective if you are using it for business purposes. The extra branding will do good to increase awareness of your business and give you a more professional look.


The colours of the case are normally something that gets asked to be customised. This is because everyone will have different needs and you won’t want your case to stick out like a sore thumb. For example the army is a large consumer of custom cases and they would prefer it if the cases were camouflaged. This could be a green and brown definition, or even a white snowy colour.

Shape Size

Shape Size

The shape size of the case is a very important feature that needs to be customised. If you’re carrying around heavy and big items then you’ll want to make sure that the case suits these requirements.

Musical instruments are items that are protected by cases often. Due to the disparity between all the different types of instruments you should always make sure that they can tailor it to your exact size. Just like foam inserts you can ask how deep you want it to be to get the most protective effect.

These are the main factors that you can customise when it comes to custom cases. However always ask the manufacturer if they can do anything else as everyone is different.

By Matt Dobson. Matt heads the Custom Cases team at GWP Group in the UK. You can follow Matt’s progress through Google+. Share your view on “What Can You Customise With Custom Cases?” in the comment section below.

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