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The Varying Degrees Of Fun In Alaska

by Flynn Edleson
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Weather in Alaska is varying. In the summer it can be one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, while in the winter it can reach as low as minus eighty. Different months offer different activities. Summer is the tourist season and a great chance to see the greenery of Alaska and experience the warmer clime. If you are more inclined to winter sports, or maybe just want experience your first Dog Sled race, winter time is a great time to visit. Not only is it a little cheaper, there will also be less tourists around, giving you a more authentic experience. Alaska has something special to offer year round, catering especially to those who enjoy the great out doors.

Denali Mt McKinley. Image Source Wikipedia

A little about the seasonal changes: while Alaska may be known for its Winter, Summer is the busiest time. July is the peak of the tourist season. The summer alone can be varying with June possibly still having patches of snow, July being the hottest, and August the rainiest. Winter is by far the longest season in Alaska and it is, some will argue, when Alaska’s heart and soul really come alive. Dog sledding, snowboarding and skiing, the Aurora Borealis, and ice-carving are just some of the things you can do during winter in Alaska. It’s a great time to enjoy what the more frigid temperatures offer and a lot of places will cater to tourists, offering greater insight into the dog races and glacier viewings.

Activities: A Few of the Many.

  • Bicycling is a great way to check out Alaska. There are both paved and un-paved trails and a lot of bike rental shops around. Guided tours are a good way to check out the sights you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find.
  • Take a tour on a boat or a kayak to see some of Alaska’s glistening glaciers. These monstrous blocks of ice are all around Alaska and along your tour you may happen upon aquatic life, such as whales and porpoises. Special note: a kayak is an intimate way to experience this kind of natural wonder.
  • While riding a bike and hiking are both ways to properly experience Alaska, you’ll be able to find tours that actually fly you above the sights, giving you a special glance down at the beauty Alaska has to offer from a higher altitude.
  • Skiing and snowboarding are obviously big in Alaska. Winter offers an amazing display of snow and towards the end of winter, in certain southern regions of Alaska, you’ll be able to salmon fish and snowboard on the same day. Skiing is for all skill levels, and if you are bold enough there are helicopters that can take you to the remote locations for a more isolated adventure.

Whether you want to go to Alaska in the summer or the winter is up to you. It is your journey. Take both if you have to. Just remember that you can literally fill up all of your time with remarkable activities in a remarkable landscape. Seek out what you are interested in the most, and find out what time of year is most suitable for you.

Flynn Edleson, has been leading excursions into Alaska for over 10 years. The trips have been from leisurely family trips to hunting trips.

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