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The Best Way To See The British Isles – Start Yachting!

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The British Isles is one of the world’s most beautiful tourist destinations. However, it is not as popular as most of the other famous destinations, making it unexplored and demystified to a great extent. On the other hand, the fact that the place has not been explored to its true potential has somewhat helped the region maintain its sanctity and true charm. Ranging from craggy mountains to pebbled beaches, from the cliffs of Dover to the lovely Welsh coves, there is so much to see and enjoy. Due to its plethoric features, travellers or even the residents of this enchanting region often miss out on a lot of the hidden treasures here. It is not a very large area, yet, within this region, there are so many natural beauty spots. Even a road trip to the various parts of the place, somehow, does not give you the holistic feel of the country and the areas around it. One of the best ways to see Britain is by sailing around the country. It is truly an experience in itself and with the multitude of ports and places to see, it is an amazing adventure. The coastal vistas of the British Isles change every few miles, and there is a new natural splendour to behold and a new experience to enjoy every day.

Start Yachting

Well, that is the first step towards this experience. Start yachting, learn the skills and learn to savour every moment of this new pastime. It really is not very difficult, there are skills which need to be mastered. However, once you have done that, the world lies beneath your sails. Buy or hire a yacht, join a forum or a group, learn from the experiences of the other members, and become familiar with the nuances of yachting.

Choose your Course

You need not go around the country in one go, though there are many yacht charters that organise such trips for people. These trips can last upto 12 weeks and are truly a hands-on adventure. The yachts for these trips can accommodate upto 4 people and are very well-equipped. The travellers are expected to join in the sailing procedures and it is much more than just a cruise around the British Isles and its neighbouring islands. On the other hand, you can also do a solo trip around the British Isles, stopping when and where your heart takes you. However, do draw out a charter first and make sure that the ports are ready for you. You can sail around a certain region for a year and maybe go in the other direction the next year.

Photo © Isle of Wight UK

Choose the Right Time

British weather is renowned for its vagaries; hence, time your trip after some homework. Winter months are not the right time to be near the freezing waters; the best time to sail around the British Isles would be summer months from the beginning of May onwards. There are many yachting groups which travel around Britain at this time and it would make a lot of sense to join one of them, so that you are guided and have support systems all around you.

Choose your Pace

Yachting is not meant for those who are chasing time and are in a hurry to get to the next port. Enjoy the leisurely pace, relax and savour the feel of the wind on your face and the lovely sunshine on the waters. Stop at the many beautiful ports along the way and enjoy all that they have to offer. Start this adventure with a desire to have a great holiday, and leave all your schedules and deadlines behind you.

Tom Silsby is a keen blogger and watersports enthusiast. He regular blogs for mustang sailing a leading provider in Brighton of sea survival, solent sailing and rya day skipper courses.

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