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What To Pack For Your Kenya Safari

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Photo by Prasit Chansareekorn

Are you excited for your safari? If this is your first time, it’s good to have it properly planned. For starters, here are a few ideas on what to pack for your Kenya safari holiday.


  1. Light colored clothes for daytime. Do not wear bright colors as they alert the animals. Suggested colors are khaki, brown and beige. White is also not suitable for game viewing. Camouflage clothing is also a no-no.
  2. Shorts and t-shirts or any casual clothing that is wash and wear.
  3. Pants and long sleeved shirts for the evenings to protect you from bugs.
  4. Wraps or sweaters for early morning or evening drives. Masai Mara can be cold during these times.
  5. Jacket or wind breaker for sudden rains
  6. Swimsuit (if you plan to go swimming in the lodges)
  7. Underwear and socks. A good sports bra is a must-pack for ladies.
  8. A sun hat
  9. Walking boots for walking safaris, thongs, sandals, trainers, rafting or canoeing shoes (whichever is appropriate)
  10. Sunglasses or spectacles as dust and contact lenses do not go well together

Gadgets and Useful Tools

  1. Camera and charger
  2. Binoculars
  3. Film or Memory Card for the camera
  4. Flash light
  5. Video camera
  6. Swiss knife
  7. Maps
  8. Guide books
  9. Blow-up cushion
  10. Sleeping bag
  11. Pen and notebook
  12. Chargers and extra batteries. Make sure that you have enough power as electricity is not available everywhere.


  1. Sunscreen
  2. Wet tissues
  3. Small first aid kit (include energy bars and drinks and rehydrating powders)
  4. Tissues
  5. Plastic bags
  6. Bath soap
  7. Shampoo and conditioner
  8. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  9. Lip balm
  10. Bug repellent
  11. Moisturizer
  12. Washing powder and washing line pegs
  13. Other personal toiletries


  1. Water
  2. Pens, pencils and notebooks to give out to children. Giving candy is not advisable because toothbrushes are not common in these parts.
  3. Handbag to put your money, travel documents and camera in

When going on a safari, it is recommended that you bring an inexpensive bag or rucksack or any bag without a frame to store your belongings in. Do not bring too much clothes. The weight limit is 12 kgs.

Dress appropriately when crossing borders during your safari. Bare feet and chests are not allowed. You should not wear bikini tops, sunglasses or hats when you visit markets and villages.

If you’re going to the beach, ladies should wear a shirt and something to cover their lower bodies such as a sarong or skirt. Cover up when going or leaving the beach. You should also not go sunbathing topless or nude. It is not allowed.

In some parts, as a respect to local customs and the Islam religion, ladies should cover their knees and shoulders. Strappy dresses and tops are not allowed.

For photography, a 300mm telephoto lens is recommended for taking pictures of birds and animals. It is advised that you bring enough memory and power for your gadgets because these things are only available in larger cities and cost a lot of money. You are also not allowed to take photos of border or military posts and police posts. It is also customary and respectful to ask permission before taking a photograph of the locals. You are also expected to give them money in return. Some locals will not allow their photograph to be taken as they believe that the camera will steal their soul.

Travelling to Africa can be quite the experience. Just remember to abide by their laws and respect their traditions, beliefs and customs and you will surely enjoy your safari holiday in Kenya.

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