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The Best 4×4 Trails Around America

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Pickup trucks or 4×4 vehicles with massive V6 engines are the very heart and soul of America. These beasts roam the suburbs waiting to be unleashed on dirt roads, tricky trials and give the next to impossible chance of coming out on the out end.

These trucks are driven by the rare few with a crazy steak that matches the equally crazy pulling power of vehicles such as the Isuzu KB. The best thing to do with these vehicles is to take them on roads that no over vehicles can go, the road less travelled.

Here are the top five 4×4 trails in America that will challenge both your vehicle and your own mental toughness:

The Caribou Route

The trail route skirts the eastern boarder of Indian Peaks Wilderness and passes through the historic Caribou. The highest point of this route reaches 10 200 feet, with panoramic mountain views, and a variety of camp sites. Most of the route is an easy drive; however the trail does have tricky steep inclines, sharp descents and narrow rocky passes.

Ensure that you have your wet trail tyres on, as the trail can be very slippery. The trail is only a short 3 miles long, but offers a number of areas to stop for a picnic of pitch a tent for the evening. Be care and ensure that you remain in four wheel drive throughout the trail.

Photo Credit: LuciaB

The Apex Road

11.6 miles of pure fun awaits you on the Apex Road trail. The trail is described as a rocky, washboard surface with the occasional muddy areas. The road should take you 1-2 hours to conquer and takes you through the Roosevelt National Forest.

In the winter months, this trail snows over and gives the driver a whole new experience to tackle, just be careful and watch out for the those slippery muddy areas hidden around the bend.

Photo Credit: kcrouse

The Pole Hill

One of the best kept secrets of Colorado, the Pole Hill off-road trail is idea for those looking for a challenge. The trail has a wide variety of connecting routes allowing you to tackle the route for as long as you like. This trail is suitable for the high clearance Small Utility Vehicles (SUV’s) looking for a challenge. Pack a picnic basket and stop off at one of the numerous camps spots and take in the breath-taking scenery.

Photo Credit: diamond geezer

The Storm Mountain

This extremely difficult 5 mile 4×4 trail will take you around 2 hours to conquer. The trail is mostly a climb, as you go through tricky rock climbs and tight corners right the way to the top of Storm Mountain. Once you reach the top -at over 9 900 feet – you will feel as though you have just conquered the world.

Take not that while most standard high clearance vehicles will be able to negotiate this tricky course, modified SUV’s are recommended to take you to the top of the mountain. Once on the mountain, feel free to crack open an ice cold coke and enjoy the moment.

Photo Credit: Keith Watson Photography

The Baker Pass

The Baker Pass is the ideal ‘get-out-of-town’ that will give you a break from the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life. Most of the trail is a flat winding route, until the final stretch – a difficult and tricky climb – that will level you wiping away the sweat once you reach the top.

The area is ideal for a slow ride, one where you can literally stop and smell the flowers and enjoy a day out in nature. The trail is a long 30 miles that will take you 2-3 hours, depending on if you are in a hurry.

These are some of the best 4×4 trail routes that America has to offer. All you need to do is send your off-road vehicle in to the shop for a quick look over and then hit these five trails for an enjoyable adventure. Ensure that you pick a trail that is suited to your skill set and when in doubt, the slower the better.

Photo Credit: Baker County Tourism

I am Greg Jones, a keen 4×4 adventurer and owner of the latest Isuzu KB. On weekends I love nothing more than taking the family for a picnic along a 4×4 trail. I find this is a great time to relax and spend quality time catching up with my wife and kids. Sometimes, in open areas, we bring the dogs along and watching these chase each other around for hours is absolutely priceless.

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