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The Top Five Holiday Destinations Around The World

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We live a lifestyle that is rushed, a lifestyle that has us worrying more about our personal finance than our personal health. From time to time, we need a break from the hustle and bustle of daily living and take some time to recover.

This recovery time is ideal for going on holiday. While some like to close their eyes and throw a dart at the map board, others like to choose holiday locations based on a little more background research and insight. Here are the top five holiday destinations, in the world, that you need to add to your bucket list:

Number One – Cape Town

Cape Town is the most southern tip of the African continent and the seventh most beautiful city in the world. This city has Table Mountain, Beaches, Winelands, Historical Monuments and so many other attractions for visitors. Ensure that you mark this off as one of your top five holiday destinations; you will not regret spending a few weeks exploring everything that Cape Town has to offer.

Cape Town, Table Mountain – Photo Credit: Gerald Crawford

Cape Town Beach – Photo Credit: Gerald Crawford

Number Two – Prague

Prague is a beautiful city that keeps the spirit of the Czechs as well as their history and the beauty of old times. This city is home to some of the most famous attractions in the world – the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the Old Square and Lennon wall to name a few. If you really want to experience this majestic city, like the locals do, then you should stop off and try some of the locally produced beer and sausages.

Prague Castle, Czech Republic – Photo Credit: Anik Messier

Charles Bridge – Photo Credit: Darren Barefoot

Old Town square and the Prague Astronomical Clock – Photo Credit: Jorge Láscar

Number Three – Sydney

One of the most amazing cities in the world, Sydney offers something to everyone. In Sydney you can hit the beaches in the morning, tour the city centre in the afternoon or hit the top local clubs in the evening. This city is often the first port of call for visitors entering Australia and will all the attractions – Sydney Opera House, the Blue Mountain and Manly Beach- some tourists never manage to leave.

Sydney Opera House – Photo Credit: Iain Croll

The Blue Mountains – Photo Credit: John Campbell

Number Four – Paris

No list of great holiday cities would ever be complete without mentioning Paris. Paris is the very heart and soul of France, offering tourists everything from museums, top notch restaurants, boat rides around the city and of course the world famous Eiffel Tower. Be sure to set aside at least two weeks to explore the city where dreams come alive and remember no trip to Paris is complete without tasting some of the fantastic cheeses on offer.

Eiffel Tower – Photo Credit: Rui Marques

Number Five – Rome

The capital city of the Roman Empire, the city has some of the more spectacular Roman structures such as the Coliseum, the Forum and the Pantheon. If you wish to visit on of the most beautiful cities in the world, get a ticket and fly to Rome, there you will get the chance to eat the best pizza in the world, drink the best red wine and of course wake up to the aromatic smell of authentic Italian espresso’s.

Coliseum – Photo Credit: Sergey Sosnovskiy

The Forum – Photo Credit: Danita Copeland

The Pantheon – Photo Credit: ynysforgan_jack

For once in your life, forget about money and forget about what you are supposed to do, take a trip to one of these five cities and feel yourself come alive again. Ensure that you plan well ahead and remember, do not be afraid to try something new.

I am Greg Jones and I love seeing the world. I remember my first holiday, I went to Rome with my wife, we needed personal loans to cover the cost, but the memories we brought back pay for that trip and ten times more. Ensure that you spoil yourself and take a trip to a foreign city.

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