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Popular Lakes in Qinghai

by Meirong Lee
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Lake a low-lying portion of Earth’s surface filled with water from various sources natural or man-made make a major sour of water for all necessitates. Qinghai is famous for for its lake which has the sixth largest inland lake in the world that attract tourist from around the world. For a lake exploration one can check out:

Qinghai Lake the sixth largest inland lake in the world

Qinghai Lake – Photo Credit: cute_applejuice

Photo Credit: 奕辰 胡

Qinghai Lake is located in the Qinghai Basin in northeastern Qinghai Province. With an area of 4,264 square kilometers, it is the largest inland lake in China and the sixth largest in the world.

This national tourist attraction and nature reserve is on the UN List of Important Wetlands.

In spring and summer, the rippling lake is as clear as the sky. The wetland by the lake is covered with grass and wild flowers. Under the azure skies and white clouds, sheep and horses graze in a leisurely manner.

Water birds fly against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks. All these make a harmonious natural painting for visitors.

The lake topped the list of the “Five Most Beautiful Lakes of China” in the selection of the most beautiful places in China sponsored by the Chinese National Geography magazine and other 34 media organizations. The pan-Qinghai Lake tourist area includes Gonghe County, Gangca County, Haiyan County, Qilian County and Menyuan County.

Transport: Take a bus at the Xining Long distance Bus Station to the lake.

Photo Credit: An Xiao

Bird Island in the northwestern part of Qinghai Lake

Bird Island – Image Author Owned

The Bird Island in the northwestern part of Qinghai Lake is home to tens of thou­ ands of migratory birds. It consists of two isles. Haixishan, also known as Xiaoxishan, in the west, is the place where more than 100,000 bar-headed geese, black-headed gulls, brown-headed gulls and other birds build their nests every April. In the birds’ breeding season, the isle is covered with eggs, thus its another name: Egg Isle. Haixipi Isle is one kilometer from the Haixishan Isle. It is known as the Cormorants’ Isle because most of the birds living on it are cormorants.

The two isles, collectively called Bird Island, are the most densely populated “birds’ paradise” in the world. Flying birds can block the sun, creating a spectacular view over Qinghai Lake.

Photo Credit: tibettrain

Hanhai Dalian Lakes

Hurleg Lake

The site is located on the Huaitoutala Grassland, about 50 kilometers to the west of Delingha. Two beautiful and tranquil lakes, Hurleg Lake and Toson Lake, on the grassland are connected by a river. The two Lakes have gone through similar ecological and evolutionary changes but differ widely in shape, views and attributive characters.

The Bayin River flows into Hurleg Lake. After depositing its silt there, it flows from the low land in the south into Toson Lake. As a result the water in Hurleg Lake is clear and fresh. The calm freshwater lake is endowed with lush water weeds, shoals of fish and other aquatic resources like crabs, and enchanting scenery. Toson Lake is a typical inland salt lake with a vast water surface. When the weather is good, the lake is unruffled and blends into the sky in the distance. But when the weather is stormy, the lake is turbulent, producing waves lapping loudly on the shore.

As the two lakes are linked by a river, they look like a long, rectangular bag sewn up at both ends with an opening in the middle (usually worn round the waist or across the shoulder). Hence, the two lakes are collectively called Dalian Lake.

Transport: Take a long-distance bus from Xining to Delingha.

Hurleg Lake

Sand Island Scenic Area the sand dunes on the eastern shore

Sand Island – Photo Credit: Hsieh Hsiang

Sand Island is a small island in the eastern part of Qinghai Lake. It is a sand dune that had risen above the lake water level. Sand Island and the sand dunes on the eastern shore present a unique desert view by Qinghai Lake.

The Sand Island Scenic Area is not only a swimmers’ paradise but also offers sport programs such as beach motorcycling, sand sliding, camel riding and beach volleyball. In recent years Qinghai Province has held an annual international sand sculpture festival in the area.

Sand Island – Photo Credit: Hsieh Hsiang

Haixinshan Island

Qinghai lake – Photo Credit: Lingyun W

The Haixinshan Island lies in the center of Qinghai Lake slightly to the south. It has been well known as a place for produc­ ing fine horses since ancient times. The is­ land is wide in the middle and narrow at both ends.

Its southern rim features precipitous rocks and its eastern, western and northern rims are flat beaches. Most part of the island is covered with sandy soil and various kinds of grass, such as spear grass and Siberian solomonseal rhizome grow.

Many birds live among the rocks and on the beaches.

Photo Credit: Colman Li

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