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The Parliament House the seat of the Indian Parliament

by Nilutpal Gogoi
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Parliament House: Also known as the ‘Sansad Bhawan’, the Parliament House is the seat of the Indian Parliament. This gorgeous architecture was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. There are three huge halls within the domed almost circular building. The Lok Sabha can accommodate 400 Members of Parliaments (MPs) while the other referred to as the Rajya Sabha has seats for 200 MPs. Well-manicured lawns and gardens separate one hall from the other.

Its circumference measures about a kilometer. Located about a kilometre away from the business hub Connaught Place, its foundation stone was laid by Duke Connaught in 1921. It took five years to get completed and it was opened by Lord Irwin. This structure supported by 144 pillars is spread across 171 meters. Each pillar is of 8.3 meters. These pillars can be seen from the outside as they encircle the structure.

Visitors need to take special permission to go inside the Parliament House.

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