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Safdarjung’s Tomb the last enclosed garden tomb

by Nilutpal Gogoi
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Safdarjung’s Tomb: Constructed in the style and tradition of the Humayun’s Tomb and the Taj Mahal, this mausoleum is known as the last enclosed garden tomb. It was built by the Nawab of Awadh, Nawab Siraj-ud-daulah, for his father. Constructed in AD 1753-54, it has the mortal remains of Safdarjung – the viceroy of Awadh located near Lucknow – during the regime of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah.

This monument falls on the way en route to the Qutub Minar at Mehrauli in South Delhi. This tomb is a red and brown sandstone structure with double towers in the corners. It is also one of the last creations of Mughal architecture before the fall of the Mughal rule. Situated adjacent to the Saafdarjung Airport, this tomb stands on a 10-feet high terrace amidst a sprawling garden. The tomb of Safdarjung has been placed at the central hall of the structure. A 40-feet high dome looms over it. One can go to eight rooms within the mausoleum. The tomb has been chiseled out of solid rock. A sentence inscribed on it warns one not to be vain. “No matter how powerful a person may be in front of his compatriots, but in front of the Almighty he becomes a mere being and thus humble.” Entry is free on Fridays.

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