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Melbourne The World’s Most Livable City?

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Melbourne The World's Most Livable City

Melbourne was recently recognized as the world’s most livable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which functions as an independent business subject to that media corporation. The EIU evaluates the quality of services around the world for interested clients. Its reviews of Melbourne and other cities around the world have been recognized for their validity by several international groups.

What Is Livability?

According to the EIU, livability in a specific city is determined by a few key factors. The first factor is the widespread availability of goods and services. Anyone who has visited a developing country knows that they are often characterized by a virtual lack of services not generated by individuals themselves.

The second critical factor in this calculation is the low personal risk that an inhabitant or a visitor might experience in that city. In other words, the death rate should be as low as possible. This does not just reflect a low crime rate but also a healthy environment and access to excellent medical care.

These first two factors tie into the third. Candidates for the EIU’s list of the most loveable cities must also demonstrate an effective infrastructure. Such an infrastructure must be able to provide safety, services and other features of a livable city.

Why Does Melbourne Rank So High?

More than one organization ranks city in terms of evaluations similar to livability. Melbourne consistently ranks high or even in first place on these alternate lists. It rises to the occasion for reasons that go beyond the mere criteria presented by the EIU. In addition to the services, safety and infrastructure that this city provides, it also benefits from having a population to whom these aspects of life are important. The services that an average inhabitant of Melbourne experiences do not exist there by accident. They are provided by a populace that cherishes the arrangement of its society. However, Melbourne is certainly aided in achieving this ranking by its pleasant climate and the manageable cost of living within its urban and suburban areas.

Where Are Some Livable Areas in Melbourne?

If this ranking spurs you to seek some real estate western suburbs Melbourne has some display homes ready to show. This is one of the outlying areas that are very popular in the greater metropolitan area of Melbourne. This city is very large and spread out, providing a lot of living space. This is another factor which draws people to live there and treasure it. There are entire cities out in these western suburbs of Melbourne. They include cities such as Brimbank, Hobson’s Bay, Melton, Moonee Valley and Wyndham.

The city of Melbourne shares in the growing population that characterizes Australia right now. Many people are seeking to move there and take advantage of all the factors that have made Melbourne and other cities in Australia such magnets for immigration. Anywhere that you look, you can find display homes for the various styles of residences waiting for new occupants that have come seeking a better life in Australia.

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