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10 Great Things To Do In The UK

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Whether you’re a resident of the UK or visiting for the first time, there are hundreds of attractions that will surprise, delight and inspire those looking for days out or things to do on holiday. Listed below are 10 of the best attractions that the UK has to offer that are a must-see for anyone looking for something to do, visit or experience in Britain.

1. Big Ben.

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Ben is definitely the most iconic tourist destination in the capital city. The tower is the third tallest free standing clock tower in the world and the hourly ringing of the 13-tonne bell is something to experience first hand.

2. Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Image source Flickr by Alexandre Marino
Arguably the world’s most famous playwright, William Shakespeare was born in Stratford. The town boasts a modern theatre that puts on Shakespearean classics as well as more recent dramas. You can also visit Shakespeare’s birthplace and Anne Hathaway’s cottage.

3. Hadrian’s Wall.

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Described as one of Britain’s most important monuments, the construction of Hadrian’s Wall began in 122 AD and part of the wall still stands today. Set in the rugged Northumberland countryside, the Wall is a perfect example of Britain’s long history of military defense.

4. Stonehenge.

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Legend has it that Stonehenge was built by Merlin in the Arthurian period. While this may be somewhat far fetched, the mystery and magic surrounding the Somerset standing stones is what draws tourists from all over the world to visit the prehistoric site.

5. The Eden Project.

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These giant domes in Cornwall are as striking as they are educational. The ‘greenhouses’ create biomes that emulate tropical and Mediterranean environments, meaning visitors can take a peek into what plant life grows across the globe.

6. Wimbledon

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Tourists flock to Wimbledon both in tennis season and throughout the year. The international tennis tournament provides tourists with a quintessentially British experience, while local museums are a great educational attraction.

7. The Roman Baths

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Bath has been famous for its healing baths since the Roman period and these spas are still in full swing today. The city boasts the UK’s only natural thermal spa as well as a fascinating museum showcasing the history surrounding the Roman Baths.

8. Spinnaker Tower

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A landmark in the Portsmouth coastline, the 170 metre Spinnaker Tower is a perfect example of a modern British tourist attraction. With three viewing platforms, the tower lets visitors experience 350-degree breathtaking views over the city and harbour. As one of the UK’s premier waterfront destinations, visitors can also explore the historic dockyard, visit the Blue Reef Aquarium or check out the medieval Southsea Castle.

9. Chester Zoo

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Chester is an historical city that is worth visiting anyway, however the zoo is one of the most popular in the country. Housing Europe’s largest Orangutan population amongst other animals, the zoo remains a top destination in Britain.

10. Lake District

Image source by Dave Irving
This area provided inspiration for some of the greatest British poets and novelists. The striking scenery of lakes and mountains continues to draw visitors who are keen walkers and watersport enthusiasts.

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