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5 Reasons To Spend As Long As Possible In Australia

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Australia is not a country that you will want to leave in a hurry if you ever get the opportunity to visit there.  Unfortunately, limitations on tourist visas and other documentation mean that you probably won’t be able to just disappear into the background and live out your life in Australian luxury.

We looked at the five reasons why you would want to spend as much time there as possible. If you are limited to two weeks or a set period of a holiday, turn these into the things that you most want to see during your stay.

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The Cities

You have probably heard something about all of Australia’s great cities. By far the best thing about them all, however, is how different they are, so much so that if you didn’t know where you were, you could mistake each city for being in a totally different country from each other.

The only problem you might have with time limitations is getting around them given the size of the country, but even if you are ‘only’ able to drive between Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney, you will experience a whole range of lifestyles, food, fashions, and great people.

The Weather

Let’s face it, although Australia has many great things going for it, the weather is often the thing that motivates holidaymakers to choose a particular destination in the first place. It is no coincidence then, that the weather here is brilliant, with the northern area of Australia enjoying a tropical climate making it a baking paradise 365 days of the year, save for when a thunderstorm or cyclone hits, although even those can prove spectacular.

The Beaches

Australia has over 50,000km of coastline, so even if you set off in a campervan today, exploring the beaches of the country would take up a good chunk of your life. While famous beaches such as Bondi and those on the Gold Coast grab the headlines, there are beautiful beaches to be found everywhere around the country, and the very best ones are often the hidden examples that only the nearby villagers even know exist.

The Wildlife

At face value, many people deem Australia to be a country filled with crocodiles and kangaroos, as well the deadly snakes and spiders that many believe live in the gardens of even homes in the big cities.

While wildlife and the human population live in close proximity, the truth is that they generally cohabit well, and manage to keep out of each other’s way. The real wildlife story in Australia is the diversity that exists, whether it be in bushland, dense forests, in coastal areas, or in the otherwise barren outback. Australia has many unique native species that are all worth discovering.

The Variety

It says much that even people who live in Australia will go through their whole lives and not experience a lot of what the country has to offer. A holiday to the country provides you with an opportunity to experience golden beaches, great cities, snow-capped peaks, and even see penguins if you take a trip to kangaroo island.

The variety is what truly makes Australia a great experience, and you would be foolish not to make the most of any time you spend there.

Rob is an online content writer across a host of industries, with a specific interest in Australian tourism, especially how car hire in Australia trends can help travellers to see as much of the country as they possibly can.

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