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What To Look For In A Rental Company When Hiring A Car For Your Family

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Hiring A Car For Your Family

Hiring A Car For Your Family Holiday: You’ve decided on a destination, booked the accommodation, and have now begun to organise the final touches to your family holiday. Along with packing for yourself and the children, buying your travel insurance and sorting out your holiday money, you will also have to organise and book your rental vehicle for your break.

To ensure that you get the most out of your holiday car hire, and get the best deal, there are a number of factors that you should consider when picking what hire company to use, and what vehicle to rent-

Are they offering a Personalised Service?

When it comes to hiring a car, you may not know what kind of vehicle is best suited for your needs, so choosing a company that offers a personalised service can help you find the right vehicle for your holiday. Companies that offer personalised car hire will be able to help you pick the most suitable vehicle by taking into account why you’re hiring a car, how long it will be used for and where it will be used.

As different rental companies specialise in different areas of vehicle hire- with some focusing on corporate hire, and others only providing smaller city friendly vehicles- when booking a car for a family holiday, it is important to pick a rental company that offers a wide range of transport options to suit your family’s needs. Pick a hire service that is adaptable to your needs, and offers that all-important safety equipment needed when travelling with children, such as boosters seats and baby seats.

Do they Work around You?

Planning a holiday often means working to a tight schedule trying to get everything prepared for your break, so you will want to find ways to make your vacation organisation easier. It may remove a big burden from your holiday planning if don’t have to travel to your rental providers to collect your vehicle. Check to see whether your hire company is flexible with their collection options and whether they offer home delivery and out of hour pick up, or whether they only offer onsite collection during normal office hours.

Are there any Hidden Costs?

Is the hire company upfront and clear about their prices, or do they have ‘hidden costs’? Make sure that the hire company you use is clear about their hire costs, and are not offering extras that are essentials when hiring a car, like insurance and road tax, which will quickly drive up the price of your rental.

Can you drive their Vehicles?

Whilst you’ve paid attention to other aspects of vehicle rental, it is important not to neglect the simple issue of whether you can actually drive the vehicle offered. Upon viewing your driving license, a car hire company will be able to tell you whether you have the correct license needed to drive larger vehicles, and from seeing whether your full driving license is for an automatic or manual vehicle will be able to help you find the easiest vehicle for you to drive whilst on holiday.

Beth Stubbings works for Collison Motoring, who provide personalised car rental in Portsmouth. She thinks that considering what your family’s holidays needs are and sourcing a professional rental service can help you find the perfect hire car. Hope you love reading “What To Look For In A Rental Company When Hiring A Car For Your Family”. Share your view in the comment section below.

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