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A Guide To Bargaining With A Caravan Dealer

by Deepak Patel
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Caravan Dealer

It really seems as if most people are hesitant to even attempt bargaining with a caravan dealer, even if they have found the van of their dreams. Perhaps they are scared of being made fun of, having their offer rejected or of somehow finding themselves spending more money. You should note, however, that dealers will try to sell their vans for the maximum price possible. Regardless of whether you are interested in purchasing a second hand or a brand new caravan, there is nothing wrong with trying to bargain.


The very first thing you should do is undertake an inspection of the caravan, especially if it’s second hand. Take note of any damage or problems that you come across, as these can be used as bargaining chips when it comes time to make your offer. Just say that a few of the appliances don’t appear to be working – say to the dealer that you are offering a few hundred dollars less so that you can use the difference to have these replaced.


The next thing you should do is question the caravan dealer about the van’s quality. Watch out for tells that suggest he has something to hide or isn’t telling you the full story, such as stammering and a hesitation to answer. Try to push for more information when you notice these things. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the caravan or the honesty of the dealer, make sure you take your business elsewhere to avoid being hoodwinked.


It is important that you don’t allow yourself to become too attached to the van in question to the point where you will be willing to pay anything to get your hands on it. Caravan dealers can spot these sorts of attachments a mile away and will use it against you to get more money. Keep reminding yourself that there are plenty more vans on the market and, if this doesn’t work, perhaps you could have someone else bargain on your behalf.


Now that you are fully prepared, you can attempt to bargain with the dealer. You will need to start by offering them a price that is slightly lower than what you think the caravan is worth. Make sure that the offer isn’t too low, however, as the dealer may not take you seriously as a buyer. They will likely offer you a counter price that is a fair bit higher than this. Make sure you keep going in this strain until you reach a price that you are happy with.

Bargaining With A Caravan Dealer

If you are one of those people who are hesitant to bargain with caravan dealers because you are worried about taking away some of their commission or profit, don’t be! Dealers actually expect that some buyers will negotiate the price down, so they ask for a much larger price to ensure that they will still make some profit. By not bargaining, you’re ensuring that they have more cash in their pocket! If you aren’t confident in your bargaining abilities, make sure you bring a long a friend who is so that they can help you out.

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