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Laoye Mountain the Mountain of the Lord

by Meirong Lee
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Laoye Mountain

Laoye Mountain is located in Qiaotou Town, Datong County. The mountain is 2,900 meters is above sea level. It is called Laoye, or the Mountain of the Lord, because Lord Guan Yu of the Three Kingdoms Period (AD.220-280) is worshipped in the Taiyuan Palace at the top of the mountain.

Major tourist attractions include the Hall of Lord Guan Yu, Palace of the Jade Emperor, the Leizu Hall, Doumu Palace, the Temple of Three Officials, the Tiger Cave and the General’s Rock.

The Folk Song Festival on the sixth day of the sixth lunar month attracts crowds of people to admire the flowers that cover the mountainside. Some of them Sing Hua’er local love songs. The festival is a rare opportunity for young people to seek and express love.

Transport: Take a bus at the Xining Railway Station or the South Liuyiqiao Bus Station to Yihaoqiao, Qiaotou Town, Datong County. Cross the bridge and walk about 100 meters eastward.

Guanlin Temple Luoyang

Guanlin Temple, said to be the burial place of Guan Yu’s head a prominent general of the Shu Kingdom in the Three Kingdoms Period.

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