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Home Away From Home – Holidaying In The UK

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The UK has some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the world.  From the bleak remote beauty of the Yorkshire Moors to the cultural patchwork of London there is something to suit all tastes and interests.  What’s more, the UK is a great destination to visit if you are on a budget.  There are some cost-effective accommodation options available that will help you to make the most of your holiday budget.

It’s good to Share

There are a number of larger self-catering holiday homes and cottages on offer in the UK. These properties can sleep different sized groups of people varying from numbers of six to twenty.  Sharing a holiday cottage can be a great idea.  Not only will you be able to go on holiday with your friends and family but you will all be able to share the costs.  This is ideal if you have children and you want to maximise your budget.

If you are planning a shared holiday then make sure you do your homework.  Check with everyone and see what they specifically need from a holiday destination.  This will help to make certain you choose accommodation that is suitable for the whole group with the right amount of space and any necessary equipment (such as baby’s cribs and highchairs).  Use an online food delivery service to get all the groceries in for your stay to ensure that you spend all of your time relaxing, rather than doing mundane tasks like food shopping.

Save on Travel

Travelling can be one of the big expenses on holiday in the UK.  Fuel prices are high and it makes sense to try and reduce as much of the travelling as possible if you are on a budget.  Look out for destinations that are close to the main sights and entertainments.  This will reduce the reliance that you need to have on your car whilst you are away.  Many self-catering cottages are right in the heart of rural areas and parks and you will be able to explore your surroundings on foot or by bicycle.


One of the big savings with self-catering holidays is dining.   When you stay in a hotel room you will not be able to prepare your own food.  This means you will have to eat out all the time and if you have a family the costs can really start to add up.  This can be one of the reasons why many people go over-budget on holiday.

With a self-catering holiday cottage you will have kitchen and dining facilities at your accommodation.  This means you can prepare and cook your own food.  This is a much more cost-effective way to feed your family whilst you are away on holiday.  You will also be more flexible about when and what you eat.  This can be much more beneficial when you are relaxing on holiday as you can set your own schedules.

  • If you are on holiday you don’t want to be spending all your time shopping in supermarkets for food.
  • Instead it is a good to idea to pre-order shopping from an online food delivery company and have it delivered straight to your holiday cottage.
  • Not only will this save you the chore of shopping but it will also ensure you have store cupboard essentials on hand as soon as you arrive.
  • It is easy to order your food online to ensure that you have all the essentials on holiday that you need like milk, butter, tea, vegetables, cereal and eggs.
  • There will also be a selection of kitchen, bathroom and pet supplies that you may need as well.
  • It is easy to order what you want online.  This will then be delivered straight to your holiday cottage with no fuss and hassle.
  • You will also get a selection of local produce to try to really get a taste of the area you are staying in.

There is a great range of choice available with online food delivery companies and it is really does reduce the stress and hassle of holiday dining to go self-catering and order your groceries online.

Jeremy Cartright is freelane writer and travel enthusiast who loves to share stories from his adventures and help others by providing travel and money saving tips.

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