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Experience the Magic of Tahiti and Her Islands

by Nicole Noel
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Ttraditional dance in Tahiti and Her Islands

Tahiti and Her Islands: Cruising around the Tahiti islands without any goal or specific plan is not a bad idea. These marvelous islands will turn that cruise into a magnificent experience either way. However, if you truly want to get to know this magical cluster of islands, have an itinerary ready, so that you do not miss out on some great things along your way. Here are some of the places and activities that you should definitely try and enjoy.

Tupai, the Heart Island

Heart Island Tupai in Tahiti and Her Islands

This is definitely the most romantic destination in Tahiti. This beautiful and tiny island is in the shape of a heart. It is a perfect place to grab a bottle of Champaign, take a sea plane or a helicopter to this island and spend a lovely afternoon there. Nobody inhabits this island, so you will have a corner of it all for yourself.This place lends itself as one of the dream destinations for the Valentine’s Day.

The Wonderful Huahine

Besides exploring the lush nature and wonderful beaches, you can also enjoy the tasty cuisine, on this island. However, there is a special treat for the tourists here – the amazing pearl farm. You will learn about the pearls and you will also have the opportunity to buy some and take them home. It is not a big place, so do not expect for this to take up a lot of time. Combine it with hiking trips or other activities at Huahine.

The Luxurious Bora Bora

Luxurious Bora Bora

This is definitely a place where you should splurge for one of the overwater bungalows and enjoy your stay. In addition, this is also an amazing place for snorkeling and diving. It is the best if you hire a local guide to show you the best places to snorkel and take you there on their boat. Moreover, if you are more of an adventurous type, go for parasailing around this island, the view and the adrenaline will definitely be worth your while.

The Gauguin Museum

The Gauguin Museum

The amazing, Japanese style museum is a real treat for the art lovers. It is dedicated to the life of Gauguin and his art. However, this museum is not the only thing that will amaze you on the Tahiti Island, there are gorgeous botanical gardens, as well. This, together with the people of the island will show you why was Gauguin so impressed with this place. Naturally, this is one of the best stops if you are on the Paul Gauguin cruises of Tahiti.

The Grand Moorea

There are tons of things to do on this island. It is so full of life, nature and packed with interesting activities. You can go swimming with the dolphins or you can visit the amazing plantations. You can take the 4WD tour of the island and that is the best way to reach the Magical Mountain and the Belvedere Lookout. From those places, you will have the magnificent view of the island. On the other hand, you can hire a boat and get the snorkeling tour around the island.

The Marlon Brando Tetiaroa

Tetiaroa Island

Tetiaroa is a very special place. It is special even for the Tahiti island. It is a small island with rich and wonderful nature. Hundreds of birds and other colorful species live on it and in its waters. The history of this island is also very rich. However, the person who made it famous is Marlon Brando. This actor fell in love with this island and decided to create a luxurious getaway for the selected few. Of course, everything was designed so that the nature was preserved as much as possible. Even before Brando made it famous, this was the place where kings and royalty came to rest. Therefore, Tetiaroa is the place for those who want to enjoy the luxury of the kings.

All these places are amazing because of the wonderful nature that they feature. However, there is one more thing that should not be neglected when you come to visit Tahiti – the character of its inhabitants. These welcoming and kind people have great culture and wonderful heritage. Therefore, do not miss out on finding more about their customs, dance, everyday life and even language.

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