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The glistening beauty of Bora Bora

by Laura Hollington
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beauty of Bora Bora

Beauty of Bora Bora: From the bird’s-eye view, Bora Bora has been compared to a precious emerald lying in an array of blues and greens surrounded by a pearl necklace. Its impressive volcanic peaks, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, are a wonderful addition to the way they rise above the lagoon with black jagged edges. This wondrous place that makes you feel ecstatic and tranquil at the same time is perfect for a honeymoon getaway. The translucent water, peaceful surroundings, soft white sand and breathtaking sunsets set the romantic atmosphere for couples who want enjoy each other and relax after stressful wedding preparations. Of course, Bora Bora is not just for newlyweds, many couples go there to be alone with each other, be it a treat or another honeymoon.

The old volcano

volcanic Mount Otemanu Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a volcanic or a high island which means it was born thanks to the two extinct volcanoes in the middle of the islands. The volcanic eruptions began about 4 million years ago, slowly building the island from the bottom of the ocean creating layers of volcanic rocks. It is covered by beautiful flora and the jungle of Bora Bora should be explored. It is not possible to climb to the top of Mount Otemanu because of it’s steep edges and also because the volcanic rocks are too brittle to climb. Since the jungle is thick and the paths confusing, you can easily get lost, you can go for a hike and explore the base with a tour guide. If you’re not much for hikes you can go on a tour with a 4×4 wheeler. The tour guide will tell you about the local flora and fauna and you can even see the cannons leftover form World War II.

The sights

One of the most captivating things is the overall look of Bora Bora. Whichever angle you choose to look from the sight will be breathtaking. The island itself is captivating with the dark volcanic rocks, covered with lush flora, the calming translucent ocean with colorful sea life, and probably the most impressive is its wonderful fiery sunsets. The most popular tourist attractions are the overwater bungalows, they allow you to wake up to the calming sound of the ocean and watch the sea life through the glass floor. Many Bora Bora resorts offer overwater bungalows so you can wake up to a beautiful view every morning. If you are not afraid of heights, another idea is to go parasailing where you can view the complete picture of the island with its peaks, islets and lagoon.

Bora Bora Sight


The most enticing part of Bora Bora is its transparent lagoon. Seeing the lagoon up close and personal is a must! There is an abundance of marine life; playful dolphins, sharks, tropical fish, and colorful coral. Resorts offer a wide range of lagoon sightseeing activities. You go on a snorkel safari where you can feed the sharks and stingrays, swim with dolphins and see schools of colorful fish. Also, you can go scuba diving or walk among the corals with a helmet supplied with air. There is also an option to go on a aquabike adventure where you ride on a underwater scooter with an experienced driver.

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