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Costa Rica – The Country With A Conscience

by Helen Young
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Want a holiday in the sun which won’t burden your conscience? Want to support a nation which is actively doing all it can to promote biodiversity and save the planet? Want beaches, rainforests, and a lovely hot climate? Costa Rica is the place for you. Costa Rica’s record for environmental protection is absolutely incredible, with the result that it is one of the most naturally rich and biodiverse nations in the world. If that doesn’t sway you, note that Costa Rica also consistently ranks near the top of the world’s happiest nation list. Intrigued? Read on to find out more about holidaying in Costa Rica.

Before You Book…

However, before you book, there are a few things worth noting. If you are pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, it is strongly advised that you do not travel to Costa Rica. This is due to the presence of the Zika virus in the country, which can cause birth defects in the fetus if contracted by a pregnant woman. Travellers are also advised to take out comprehensive medical insurance, and to be careful when bathing due to the strong coastal currents around Costa Rican beaches. Likewise, should you wish to drive, it is well worth being properly insured, as the Costa Rican roads can be somewhat unpredictable! However, with these caveats aside, it should be said that Costa Rica is one of the safest nations for tourists, that prices are generally low, and that the risks of contracting jungle diseases are minimal (assuming that one takes adequate precautions!). All in all, with proper preparation and consideration, there is very little to fear from a Costa Rican holiday!


Those pesky plane emissions aside, Costa Rica is definitely the place to go if environmentalism is your thing. Costa Rica claims to have achieved 99% renewable status for its energy last year. What is more, the nation’s record on promoting biodiversity and protecting its natural resources is extremely admirable. Much of Costa Rica is a protected reserve, and the people of Costa Rica truly wish to keep it that way. They’re proud of their ecological record, proud of their natural resources, and grateful for the blessings nature has bestowed upon them. Much of the tourist facilities here are built in accordance with ecotourism principles, meaning that you can enjoy your holiday with your conscience relatively clear – as well as resting happy in the knowledge that you have helped to boost the economy of a nation which is truly serious about environmental protection. What is more, there are plenty of nature-based things to do. You can explore Costa Rica’s incredible volcanic landscapes to your heart’s content. You can take nature-spotting trips into the rainforest, or along the gorgeous coastline. Sea turtles, otters, manatees, and crocodiles throng the nation’s coasts and waterways. Further out to sea, one can take a boat trip to observe whales and dolphins. Inland, there are hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful bird species living in the trees along with monkeys of various varieties, and much, much more incredible wildlife.


If you’re a fan of beaches, then you’re in luck. While the currents around Costa Rica can be dangerous (so careful if you’re a sea bather!), the beaches are the stuff of Paradise. White sands, turquoise seas, fringed with lush forests…Costa Rica’s beaches are even home to nesting sea turtles once a year! Due to its equatorial nature, Costa Rica tends to be hot. If you take to the Pacific coast around Guanacaste, you will find a wonderful dry heat – ideal weather for beach-lounging! However, if you prefer your water-based activities to be a bit more lively, you could try out Costa Rica’s world-famous white water rafting!


Costa Rica is an inherently peaceful nation. This is reflected in its people, who are relaxed, friendly, and tolerant. Due to liberal government spending on schools, the people of Costa Rica are well educated and frequently very erudite! There are a variety of festivals enjoyed by the nation, many of which follow traditional Catholic festivals. Quite what is occurring and when depends upon where in Costa Rica you are intending to travel, but wherever and whenever you go, you are sure to find a warm welcome and plenty of fun.

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