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Daotang River “a river that flows backward”

by Meirong Lee
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By The Daotang River – Photo Credit: Kala | 卡拉

The Daotang River originates in the Chahan Grassland west of Riyue Mountain. It is about 40 kilometers long and 3,300 meters above the sea level. Most rivers in China flow from the wesi to the east. But the Daotang River runs from the east to the west before draining into Qinghai Lake. That is why it is called Daotang, meaning “a river that flows backward”.

Legend has it that Princess Wencheng of the Tang Dynasty felt so homesick by the time she reached the bleak Rivue Mountain that she could not stop weeping. Her tears formed the Daotang River.

Transport:Take a bus from the Xining Long-distance Bus Station to Hainan or Haixi prefectures in about one and half hours.

Photo Credit: Epeirogenic

Photo Credit: Tomato Juice

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