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Berry Town: The Haven Of Australia

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Berry is a small town renowned for its rural allure, accessibility, culture, and tradition with a magical touch of natural beauty. This little haven is located at about one hundred miles from Sydney, Australia. As the town history goes, its aboriginals were called the Wodi Wodi tribe. It became a major supplier of timber to Sydney because of its abundance on red cedar trees in the 1800s. The name of the town was derived from a pioneer family who settled back in the early nineteenth century for business purposes.

And as tourism became an important aspect of the Berry economy, the town was known for other economic activities such as timber-cutting, dairy farming, and tannery. Consequently, local farmers changed small farms into tourist attractions in order to cater to the ever-increasing demand for sightseeing services all over the town. Opportunely, they have not been disappointed in doing this as tourists keep streaming into Berry all-year round.

Things to do in Berry

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Being a small town with such a valuable history, Berry accommodation and nearby sights continue to be a fascination within the Sydney area because one can never run out of things to do and sights to indulge in. Being a rural town, it is filled with cultural and traditional celebrations. These events are fun-packed and constantly attract huge crowds.

One such event is what they call the Market Day. This is usually held on the first weekend of every month, a perfect time for tourists to experience the town’s prosperous way of life at display with the farmers bringing their products to the market at heavily discounted prices.

There are also shows and dances that take place in the market area. In the month of February, there is an agricultural show hosted in this town. Aside from that, there is the Berry Showgirl competition, an exciting and enlightening event that promotes and encourages the rural women to show what they are made of, a definite must-see for locals and tourists alike. These shows also present great opportunities for the tourists to experience the Berry town’s culture and hospitality in a whole new level.

In the months of May and June, it would be a good idea to visit the town if you are a music lover and experience the rich musical diversity of the people in this town as you sing and dance to their music. This is a period where Berry accommodation and nearby sights receive tourists at their peak.

Kids Plaground in Berry – Photo Credit: spelio

Why Berry

Why not? Berry is a wonderful place to be. It represents both heritage and modern world. Any person who wants to experience a real escape from the stressful requirements of work will enjoy staying in Berry. This town is also perfect for families who want a weekend retreat. If you are planning to have a vacation in Berry, make sure that you plan it out well because you ought to maximize and enjoy what it has in store for you. So do it in the fastest but wisest way possible.

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