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Camping is certainly one of the most exciting ways to spend your weekend or holiday. If you happen to live in Australia then you are blessed with beautiful scenery that covers most of the continent and there are many amazing places to place your tent and enjoy. Since the climate in Australia can be quite extreme, especially in northern parts of the continent famous for its hot, dry weather, it is considered best to camp near a river or the coastline, where you can cool of if the heat becomes unbearable. Here are a few suggestions if you still haven’t decided where to go.

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Caurnamont north

Caurnamont north is situated on the Murray River in the south-eastern part of the continent. It is a well known campsite that is popular throughout the year. Its location gives the visitors all the benefits that a campsite on a riverbank might offer. If you enjoy fishing, there are plenty of nice, quiet spots upstream of the campsite. Many people love to swim in the clean river water, but this is recommendable only during warmer months. Another very popular activity is boating on the river and many people bring inflatable boats to have fun on the water. It is advisable to be careful not to let the outboard motor of your boat get tangled in branches that are abundant below the surface in some places. The campsite itself is very clean, with tables and chairs all over the place.

Martin’s Bend

This campsite is said to be one of the best camping grounds in Australia. What makes it so special is the fact that it has everything a great campsite has to offer: a number of great spots on the flat ground shaded by trees, toilets that ate cleaned regularly and you are allowed to make campfires, which is a rare commodity on guarded campsites. One of the best features of the site is the free BBQ gas that you are supplied by the caretaker. This is another great place by the river where you can go fishing, swimming or enjoy a boat ride.

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The Jim Jim Falls

Located in the Kakadu National park, the Jim Jim Falls are a great location for experienced campers. The location is quite remote from the perks of civilization, so you are often required to bring your own supply of drinking water to the particular campsite. The Kakadu national park is a World Heritage Area and the Jim Jim Falls are one of its most beautiful parts. The iconic falls with crystal clear water are a perfect place to relax, have a swim or enjoy a bit of fishing. The wildlife is unbelievably diverse and nature lovers will certainly enjoy in such a vibrant surrounding. The night sky above this campsite is said to be one of the starriest skies in the world, which every lover of the great outdoors and camping will appreciate. Sleeping under open, starry skies is one of the most memorable experiences in any camping trip.

Article is written by Kerry who happens to love camping and fishing. To increase joy on such camping trips I would recommend you to have a inflatable boat so you can explore more than just a land.

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