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4 Reasons The Poconos Is The Best Family Destination

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Poconos Is The Best Family Destination

Reasons The Poconos Is The Best Family Destination: Vacation planning has a way of bringing out the worst in families. For some reason planning a relaxing, fun getaway creates a ton of stress. No one seems to agree on anything and everyone wants to do their own thing. This year, if you’re planning a getaway you should really consider visiting the Poconos area in Pennsylvania. This is a residential/resort area in the Northeastern part of the state and has long been a tourist and vacation destination.

What really sets the Poconos apart from other, flashier, destinations is that it can truly be enjoyed by the whole family and is a great vacation spot virtually any time of the year. The locale makes it an ideal spot to vacation for families that have wide ranging interests. Check out our four reasons why the Poconos really is the best family vacation destination.


Poconos Boating

Are you the type that can’t handle sitting and relaxing? I’m guessing a mai-tai on the beach isn’t going to satisfy you. Then you’re in luck in the Poconos. The area is known for its adventurous side. There are year round adventures and adventure sports you can participate in. Summer has the option of water skiing, boating and fishing. Spring and fall give you the opportunity to enjoy hiking in the beautiful mountains surrounding the area. Winter leaves you with snowboarding, skiing and sledding among other things. Adventure seekers will find a slice of heaven here.


Valley Forge National Park in Pennsylvania

If you’re a history buff (or have kids that are) you’ll enjoy learning about the area here. This region was home to more than a dozen Presidents, near the sites of Revolutionary War battles, and even is believed to have some hauntings. Visit some of the old inns or the old jail to get a feel for what the area was like in the 1800s. But watch out for those ghosts!


Pocono Mountains

One of the most impressive and beautiful sights is the Pocono Mountains in the fall. This is one of the beautiful and scenic foliage spots in the US. There’s even a hotline that gives you information about the foliage at specific times of the year. Getting back to nature isn’t only about the foliage though, so if you’re interested in the wildlife you can also do bird sightings, and hunting during certain times of the year. Just make sure you have the proper licenses before heading there for hunting season.

Family Fun

Great Wolf Lodge

So maybe your kids don’t enjoy all the outdoor things that you do. There’s still a lot for them to enjoy. In addition to resorts, arcades, and restaurants there are lots of indoor activities for families on a Poconos vacation. Check out places such as the Great Wolf Lodge that have a full indoor water park and are another great year round resort. There are also animal parks and petting zoos around. Older kids may enjoy bike riding around town and visiting some of the shopping areas.

The Poconos may not be the “sexy” destination like Las Vegas or South Beach, but it is definitely a “family fun” destination. And when you’re looking for things to do that the whole family will enjoy then that’s what really matters. Anyway, who wants to visit someplace where you can’t talk about all the fun you had? What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but what happens in the Poconos gets bragged about to the friends and family. Next year they’ll probably want to join along!

Geoff’s second home is in the Poconos and has been to every popular destination in the area. He likes to write about his expereinces in his spare time. Share your view on “4 Reasons The Poconos Is The Best Family Destination” in the comment section below.

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