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Why Visit Tayto Theme Park, Ireland

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This theme park, situated in Meath Ireland is one of Ireland’s biggest and most entertaining theme parks. It is modern and efficiently run with loads of fun activities for the whole family.  Tayto have transformed 55 acres of farmland into one of Ireland’s first theme parks of this kind. Tayto park guarantees a day of fun for the whole family, the complete visitor experience takes 5 hours from beginning to end. They also offer a private tour guide and private function areas. There is accommodation nearby for your convenience, and they are offering great family deals.

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Attractions in Tayto Park


The park is home to 3 different playgrounds; the Pow Wow Playground is more suited for older kids and has lots of equipment for climbing up, swinging on and sliding down. Tiny Taters Patch is the second area, this is an allocated playground for children who are under the age of 6. There is a mini maze and other equipment for the little ones to have fun with. Lastly, The Eagle Sky Adventure Zone this has high ropes and zip lines for the older kids and teens and maybe a few parents.

Critter Land

Tayto Park has their very own ‘safari’ to walk through, it is home to wildcats, racoons, skunks and other strange creatures. There are some scary, some fluffy and some very cute.

Petting Zoo Corner

This is basically a petting zoo where the children can get close to and feed a number of different pets and farm animals, such as sheep, ducks, rabbits, birds and lots more.

Those are just a few of the activities available at Tayto Theme Park.

Factory Tour

When visiting the Tayto Factory you can find out about the history of Tayto and see first hand how your favourite crisps are made.

Tea in the Tree House

Found in an enormous old tree you will find a very special kind of tree house, nothing like the one you have in your back garden. It has rope bridges, wooden platforms and it can seat more than 30 people, serving tea, coffee and refreshments.

Facilities Available At Tayto Theme Park

  • The Lodge Restaurants and Shops: taking up 19,500 square feet of land at Tayto Park.
  • Parking for 800 cars and 30 buses (caters for 4,500 visitors per day).
  • 4.2 Km of walkways with so many different types of trees and shrubs.
  • Rafters Private Function Room, perfect for birthdays and family get togethers.
  • Grand Bandstand for live music and,
  • Park Ranger Guided Tours for school outings and other groups.

Jenny has been doing some research on Tayto Theme Park in Oreland and for accommodation for when they go to visit this awesome place.

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