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Why Study In Manchester, England.

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Why Study In Manchester

Why Study in Manchester, England.: Whether you’re a potential undergraduate or thinking of completing your postgraduate in the UK or Europe then this post attempts to explain why the North West city of Manchester in England should be on your shortlist. With Manchester being the city with the most University applications in the UK and having over 100,000 students, this place truly is buzzing for students both domestic and international.


Why Study In Manchester

It is well known that people in the North of England are friendlier than those in the south. The Mancunian people are also known for their open attitude and open hospitality. If you have ever met a person from Manchester then you probably agree that they are friendly and warm people. If you are to truly enjoy the place that you are studying in then it is best that you like the citizens of the city studying, with Manchester chances are that you will definitely like the people of Manchester.


Why Study In Manchester England

Whilst Manchester is not London in terms of entertainment on offer the fact that the city is classed as the second city means that all major musical artists from around the world play at the several venues that the city has to offer including the Manchester Area, the o2 academy and the Apollo. Manchester is also a great place to live and study if you are a fan of football, with 2 of the biggest teams in the world both from Manchester then you have excellent opportunity to see the best footballers in the world.  Tickets for Manchester United and Manchester City are normally difficult to get but at least you will be in the same city as the two teams.


Manchester Nightlife

I have placed the nightlife of Manchester in it’s own particular category because the nightlife is amazing with the many bars and clubs that open most nights. Students tend to go out Monday-Thursday so most days there are certain areas where it is busier than others. Not only is the nightlife excellent in the town center like the Printworks or on Oxford road but also just as busy in student neighbourhoods such as Fallowfied and Disdbury.

Living Costs

Living Costs Manchester

Although the UK is still expensive for most International students the cost of living is nowhere near as expensive as deciding to live and study in London. The rent for example si very expensive in London with a 1 bedroom apartment in zone costing no less than £1100 per month whilst a similar apartment in Manchester can cost from anything such as £450 up to £650 maximum. This big difference is a lot of money when students most likely want to focus on studying than having to work.  Transport in Manchester is also less expensive than the capital and a bus pass for a full month can cost as little as £25 compared to that being the minimum for a weekly tube pass.


University of Manchester Why Study In Manchester

Manchester is home to the University of Manchester, an excellent University reknowned for the quality of teaching and also Manchester Metropolitan University which is also city centre based. These two excellent Universities make up the majority of students but there is also the Salford University close by and the top 20 ranked Manchester Business school which specialises in MBA degrees.


Based on the cost of living, the entertainment on offer, the nightlife for students, the local people and everything else that comes with living in a new city then Manchester really does tick all the boxes for students wanting to study either their undergraduate or a Masters or even PHD.  With the English language becoming more important than ever there are now more opportunities for international students wanting to learn English than ever before. What are you waiting for get applying to Manchester today, you will not regret the decision.

Written by myself David, a former postgraduate student in Manchester and writer for Ticket Vago.

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