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Top 3 Vacation Destinations For Adventurers

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Vacation Destinations For Adventurers

Vacation Destinations For Adventurers: What appeals to the average individual will seem boring to those with a quest for exploration. The Adventure Travel Development Index, or ATDI, explains this form of tourism is about interaction with nature, culture or both. A true adventure spot offers at least one physical activity, as well. From Costa Rica vacation rentals to the Baltic Sea, travelers can add fun to their plans at three of the top adventure spots in the world.



A little known state in the Baltic region offers scenic adventure for those willing to make the voyage. Estonia is a tiny area that covers fewer square feet than Vermont and New Hampshire combined, most of it forest. This is trip nature lovers and hikers don’t want to miss. The trails of Estonia wind through marshes, beach areas and over limestone cliffs. Estonia also offers a cost-effective way for the adventurer to go. The parks state-run campsites are available free to visitors looking for outdoor fun.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cycling fans will love the challenging courses that run through these two European countries. There is more to do in this mountainous region than ride a bike, however. Travelers to the area can look forward to skiing, hiking and white water rafting. For those in it for the biking, the highlight will be a trip to a village nested 5,000 feet up the mountainside to see Prenj massif. Bosnia and Herzegovina offer a number of caravan routes that will make exploring the trails worth the exertion.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

The cream de la crème of adventure travel is this little country in Central America. The landscape of Costa Rica offers a peek at distinctive wildlife, tropical birds and jungle trails. Those kayaking through the Tortuguero National Park get to visit one-on-one with howler monkeys, exotic lizards and ancient sea turtles.

No stay at Costa Rica vacation rentals would be complete without a rafting ride down the Rio Pacuare River. Rio Pacuare is ranked as one the world’s top locales for river rafting fun. While exploring the scenic view of Lake Arenal, visitors can relax in the hot springs created by the Arenal Volcano.

No matter what your sport, Costa Rica has a place to see. Surfers hang ten on the sparkling water ways of the Pacific Ocean or while fisherman enjoy some sport fishing in the Caribbean Sea.

Adventure travel is about exploration. When it comes time to step outside of your comfort zone, consider a vacation to one of the many exotic adventure locales around to the world and spice up your life with an exciting journey.

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