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Boyne Valley, Ireland; An Unforgettable Experience In Irish History And Culture

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Boyne Valley Ireland

Any trip to Ireland is not complete without a visit to Boyne Valley, and an experience in the culture and history that it has to offer.

The Boyne Valley is a place of magic, with thousands of years of history. It is the heart of the Irish culture, and some of the most historic sites in Ireland are located here. There are also a few pubs where you may want to stop in for a pint and hear some of the local tails of the area.

Your Arrival in Boyne Valley Ireland

Arrival in Boyne Valley

Upon your arrival in Boyne Valley, you may notice the beauty that is Ireland, and after you get your baggage settled in a local bed and breakfast, you can head off for a pint, and enjoy some of the local sites. Getting here, you will have to come from Dublin by train or bus, which is a journey in itself, and a trip by train will bring you more great memories.

There are plenty of places to stay, and the local people will welcome visitors with open arms. If you want to experience the best Ireland has to offer, it is recommended to find a local bed and breakfast, which will give you a more complete experience. There are hundreds of these stops between Dublin and the Boyne Valley. The tenants of these places are usually more than happy to have guests for the night.

Exploring the History of Ireland’s Boyne Valley

Ruins of Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland

The Boyne Valley is an area of historic importance, and there is a lot to see and do. The tombs that are in the Valley were important in pre-Christian times. They predate Stonehenge, and are some of the oldest Neolithic sites in all of Europe. It is these sites that leave a lasting impression, and memories that last a lifetime.

There are also places such as, Hill of Tara, which is important to the history of Ireland, and was the place where kings were crowned. It is the place which saw the coronation of many of the high kings of Ireland, and feasts celebrated.

The Easter feast that was celebrated by Saint Patrick was celebrated in the area of the Boyne River. On the Eve of Easter in 433, he lit a fire and had a feast on the Hill of Slane, which was to provoke the druids on Tara.

The history and culture of the Boyne River Valley will make any trip to Ireland memorable. It is one of the best places to see in Ireland, and will leave you with lasting memories.

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