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Ways To Market Your Holiday Home For More Bookings

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If you have made the decision to rent out your holiday home then you may find that drumming up interest in your holiday home is slightly more difficult than telling friends and family about it. Today we are going to go through some ways to help you market your holiday home so that you get more bookings.

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1.)  Have an online presence

More and more people are making their decisions online, and so if your holiday home is not online: get it on there! You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds to get a website – depending on your skill set, setting up a website can be a simple and easy job, or if you are not much interested in a full-blown website, a blog page can be beautifully customized to show off your holiday home. As well as having a website, having social media tools such as face book and twitter are quick and easy ways to get connected with thousands of holiday makers who are either interested in your home, or know someone who is. Having an online presence will not fill up your bookings calendar overnight, but it will certainly be a step in the right direction!

2.)  Be at events 

There are many holiday events all over the country that attract people are interested in homes abroad, work abroad and renting abroad. Attending such events create an excellent opportunity to interact with potential customers who could be seeking a holiday home like yours. You could leaflet at events, meet people at events and even seek out a good letting agent who deals with specifically the kind of rental opportunity that your holiday home has to offer.

3.)  Get listed

There are plenty of places, online and offline that potential tenants will be using to find rental opportunities aboard and it is important that you are listed on as many of them as possible. Usually that means directories, websites, comparison sites and other similar areas that the majority of people use when looking for a place to rent abroad.

4.)  Advertise

Another way to get your property noticed is to advertise to your target market. This could mean taking out magazine adverts in magazines that cater to holiday renters both online and offline, it could be exhibiting at relevant events or direct mailing a specific type of customer. Whatever route you choose, advertising is a very easy way to get in front of the type of people you think would benefit from renting your home.

5.)  Use a letting agent (or two!) 

Of course if all of these things are just too time consuming and overwhelming for you to even begin to think about you could always enlist the help of an agent who is probably doing all of these things already! There are many different types of agents that can help you let your home, so its important to decide in advance if you want holiday makers to be using your home or if you want tenants from the local area, but whichever one you go for, using an agent always helps when you get stuck!

Ben writes for Livingroom and is a holiday home rental specialist.

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