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Unlocking 9 Of Keystone, Colorado’s Secrets

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Locals don’t keep secrets

Colorado can be a tricky state to vacation in for people from out of state. That’s because the mountains are full of secrets that take the locals themselves a lifetime to learn. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of locals you’re going to are not hostile towards visitors. Many of them are more than happy to share their secrets with you. All you have to do is ask them.

Arapahoe Basin – Photo Credit: Smoooochie

Without further ado, here are 9 things you probably don’t know about Keystone, CO.

  1. The resort area sits right next to Arapahoe Basin, or A-Basin for short, which has one of the longest ski seasons in Colorado. During good snow years, they run the lifts well into May.
  2. People who live in Summit County love what they do, and they love living in Colorado. They are very, very friendly.
  3. You can buy a season pass that includes access to all three of the resorts in the area, Keystone, A-Basin, and Breckenridge.
  4. The Area51 terrain park attracts skiers and riders from all over the world. Watching the park is almost as much fun as sliding down the slopes.
  5. If you visit, you will probably want to stay.
  6. A summer in Keystone is just as awesome as a winter in Keystone. Mountain biking, golfing, fishing, hiking, rafting are just some of the things you can do while you’re there.
  7. Keystone sports 2 golf courses for a total of 36-holes. They consistently make the golf magazines’ “Top 10” lists.
  8. The restaurants with the best views are the Alpenglow Stube and the Black Bear Grill. If you go to the Stube, be prepared to spend some money. The Black Bear Grill is more affordable. Both have outstanding wine collections.
  9. The resort composts over 100 tons of food scraps. They recycle over 1000 tons of trash. Keystone’s on-mountain signs are made of local beetle-kill pine.
  10. Summit Cove is one of the most reputable property management companies in Keystone, perfect for finding a suite or a condo and extending your stay.

Terrain Park – Photo Credit: Ryan Phelan

It’s time for a vacation

You’re probably itching to come to Colorado and discover some of your own secrets. You’ll find them everywhere if you’re looking. When you get here, spend some time talking to the locals. Most Coloradoans won’t start a conversation themselves, but they do like to talk. Treat your wait staff right, and they might just tell you their own secrets.

A unique experience no matter the season

Plan a trip during the winter or the summer, leave your worries at home, and have some fun. Bring the kids. For a real blast, plan a trip in the winter and return in the summer to see the mountains like you’ve never seen them before.

No matter what time of year it is, you should get in your car or buy a plane ticket and get yourself to Keystone, CO for some R&R with a big splash of excitement. There are probably better places to rest and relax, but nothing beats Colorado for an exciting, outdoor vacation.

Aston Reynolds is a writer for Summit Cove. In his spare time he likes to ski in the winter and hike the trails in the summer.

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