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Udvada Atash Behram fire temple in Udvada, Valsad, Gujarat

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Udvada Atash Behram fire temple

The Udvada Atash Behram, also known as the Iran Shah, “King of Iran”, is a fire temple of the Zoroastrian religion in India. It is one of the eight fire temples (holy place of worship) of the Zoroastrian religion in India. The Atash Bahram, meaning “Victorious Fire”, is one of the oldest fire temples in India, dated to the 8th century, and represents the historical cultural and religious links with Iran.

The current temple was built in 1742 by Dinshaw motlibai Wadia from Bombay. The temple structure, built spaciously, is well decorated and contains the Dasturji Koyaji Mirza hall and a museum. The main hall of the temple is accessed through a two-stage staircase. The temple attracts Zoroastrian pilgrims from all parts of India, Pakistan and from around the world.

It is located in Udvada also spelled Udwada in Gujarat on the west coast of India. Outside India, Yazd in Central Iran has the only other Atash Behram. Udvada, a small coastal village, of about 2 square kilometers area, is on the southern coast of Gujarat. The village was gifted to the priests by the king of Mandvi.

It is approachable by road and rail. It is 206 kilometers away from Mumbai towards the north, situated between Vapi town and Daman on the National Highway (NH8) which passes through Manor. The nearest railway station is also in Udvada which is on the Virar-Surat section.

Udvada Atash Behram is one of the oldest existing fire temples in India, representing the cultural and religious link with Iran.

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