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Traveling To Australia? Here Are Three Must-See Spots

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“The Land Down Under” offers so much more than just kangaroos prancing around the outback – Australia is a beautiful land with a plethora of amazing tourist destinations. While the wildlife here is world-renowned (who doesn’t love kangaroos and koalas?) there are a number of other things you should make sure to see during your trip to beautiful Australia. Below are three of Australia’s most popular spots. All travelers should try to visit these attractions at some point in their lives, so if you’re planning a trip to Australia, mark these down on your itinerary.

Blue Mountains

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The Blue Mountains, located in New South Wales, Australia, are officially designated as a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site, meaning they are of special cultural or physical significance. All it takes is one glance at these majestic mountains to see why they make the cut for a prestigious UNESCO designation. Their sheer size and beauty are simply spectacular, and Blue Mountain tours are an absolute must for tourists traveling to Australia. Popular tours include guided walks, cable rides and even hot lunches on the mighty peaks of the Blue Mountains. For breathtaking panoramic views and incredible wildlife, book a Blue Mountain day tour.

Sydney Opera House

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Perhaps Australia’s most recognizable landmark, the Sydney Opera House’s iconic design draws tourists from far and wide. If your trip to Australia happens to take you through Sydney, be sure to stop by this architectural masterpiece. Even if you weren’t planning to venture into Sydney, it might be worth a special trip if you’re in the general vicinity, as the Sydney Opera House hosts a number of top-notch performances in addition to being a draw for its aesthetic properties.

Ayers Rock

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Also known as “Uluru,” Ayers Rock is a giant piece of sandstone located in Australia’s Northern Territory. This breathtaking natural stone structure is 348 meters tall at its highest point and around 5 kilometers long, making it the biggest monolith (single piece of rock) on the planet. Like the Blue Mountains, the Ayers Rock is also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Of course, it’s certainly understandable if your travel arrangements do not allow for time to visit all three of these must-see spots in Australia, but do your best to get to as many of them as possible and you certainly will not be disappointed. Whether you embark on a Blue Mountain day tour, a day trip to Sydney or a trek out to the magnificent Ayers Rock, these Australia landmarks are sure to leave you memories that will last a lifetime.

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