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Teaching English In Barcelona

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Many people world over love to travel the globe, visit new exciting places and meet wonderful people. Having such a goal in mind will always result in a primary matter of concern for any traveler – “what will I do for money while I’m on the road?” The same concern applies when one moves to settle down in a different county. From the perspective of a traveler; taking a full-fledged corporate job in a company would defeat the purpose of calling oneself a traveler. It would not only give you unwanted responsibilities but also block your previously open schedule and tie you to that location. As a new resident in a country, it is extremely difficult getting a job in a place where you are an outsider.

One great solution to this matter for both the above mentioned cases is to teach English as a foreign language in the country you are traveling to. This will give you a decent amount of income while you reside in any country. Specifically in this article the topic is centered on teaching English in Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain with extremely vibrant and friendly people. A great place for sightseeing, traveling and above all – eating! Spanish food is exquisite and world renowned. Thus landing a job teaching English in Barcelona is a good catch for any traveler. Here are a few things you need to know if you wish to make a decent temporary or permanent living off this profession:

Proper visa and residency issues

Living in a foreign country is one thing but working there is subject to certain rules and regulations. Due to these rules and regulations one must have membership in a good international teaching group or simply be content with being a private tutor for individuals or small, local businesses. To learn more about the legal issues related to employment and residency in Barcelona go to iabogado

Costs of living

Normal teaching jobs would give you close to 15 Euros per hour but anything above 25 per hour would be considered decent. 1000 Euros per month would be the bare minimum you would require to get by in Barcelona without eating into your savings. Thus arrangements must be made accordingly to best facilitate your time spent in Spain so that you can fulfill the goals of travelling and meeting new people. Rents come to around 200 euro per month; also make a note that the job market for English teachers is pretty slow in the summer and around the general vacation periods.

Getting the job

Along with fluent and dominant control over all aspects of the English language it is best to know the basics of the local language too; this helps when you need to get something done outside of your job. Such as negotiations with vendors, asking for directions, reading the menu, ordering food etc. Knowing the local language will help you help the students as well.

Beside that you would need to put yourself on the market. It is said in Barcelona flyers are a more attractive mode to spread a word compared to online methods. So a simple advertisement is all that you need to get rolling. That being said it is still good to do research on the jobs you may get online.

Barcelona is a great place to be in, and so it is worthwhile to struggle a bit in the beginning to get a job with a decent pay so that you can enjoy the wonders of this magnificent location for a good amount of time.

Chris Lane is a blogger and writer who loves travel and has recently gone on a Senegal trip with an English teacher colleague of his.

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