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How To Spend A Cheap And Pleasant Holiday In Cheltenham

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Cheltenham is a very special place in the United Kingdom, and what makes it special is very clear – it is a huge spa town in the borough of Gloucestershire, England. Cheltenham is also called Cheltenham Spa, and it is seated on the very edge of the famous Cotswolds. The Cotswolds are a group of hills that are located in both south western and in west-central England to be exact. The Cotswolds attract a lot of visitors as they are also very special in their own right, and they have designated it specifically, as being the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The hills have a highest point of 1083 feet, and this is no other than Cleeve Hill, which is just about 2.5 miles just north of Cheltenham. So with this said, Cheltenham is an idea place for events to be held. One of the most known of all these events is no other than the flagship race for British steeplechase horse racing. This horse race is called the Gold Cup, which is the main event of the Cheltenham Festival that is held here each March. The town is the host for a wide number of various festivals that are cultural in description, and which feature both national and international contributors and attendees.

Some of these great events include the Cheltenham Literature Festival, Greenbelt, Cheltenham Music Festival, Cheltenham Science Festival, and the Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

Affordable Accommodation

There is bound to be considerable interest for affordable accommodation for anyone who is considering taking a visit to Cheltenham to attend any of these very popular cultural events. Without a doubt, Cheltenham does have lots of various hotels available for guests on a trip or vacation there. What is great about the variety of hotel offerings in Cheltenham is that they go according to what one can afford to pay for their lodging. There are some that are more costly, while there are others, which do fall into the very affordable range for your stay there.

The Best Cheap Hotels That Cheltenham Offers

When it comes to choosing a cheap hotel in Cheltenham, you can’t go wrong with the Holiday Inn Express Cheltenham. This is because the Holiday Inn Express Cheltenham is very affordable in price for hotel lodgings for visitors to the local area. The Holiday Inn Express Cheltenham is worth every penny that is paid to stay there as the rooms are high quality, offering true value. Despite the low cost, the experience is first class all the way. Tourists who come to Cheltenham will not regret staying at this great hotel, which opened its doors back up in 2008, and is still running strong for all the right reasons. The Holiday Inn Express Cheltenham is all that one would hope it to be, and then some, making it one of the best cheap hotels in Cheltenham, along with being tourist friendly.

Have you got any great experiences of your time spent in Cheltenham? Why not add them to the comments at the bottom and share them with anyone else planning to head to this great town.

Chris Mayhew is always looking for great ways to save money and he knows that a trip away doesn’t have to break the bank. He would recommend that anyone heading to Cheltenham stays in the very comfortable Holiday Inn Express.

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