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Five Ways To Save Money On A Trip To Florida

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Every year, vast numbers of tourists from around the world make tracks to the holiday paradise of Florida, and most of them spend a small fortune in the process. There’s no denying the fact that a vacation in the Sunshine State will cost a substantial sum of money, but when compared to the pleasure of such an experience it has to be seen as money well spent. There are some ways, however, to keep the spending within manageable levels, and here are five of the most effective strategies.

Check out the best deals months in advance

The main attraction for most visitors to Florida, especially family groups, is likely to the theme parks. These pleasure palaces are wonderful, but it needs to be pointed out that they’re not cheap. It’s often possible, however, to make savings by making the most of advance booking deals. Once you know the dates of your vacation, you need to regularly look to the web for special offers on ticket prices.

Make the most of the coupons

If there’s one thing they love in Florida it’s the discount coupon. All over the state you will find booklets and leaflets containing some wonderful opportunities to save money. Price reductions can be found on everything from restaurant meals and attraction tickets to clothing and transport. Over the course of a two week holiday, many tourists are amazed at the amount of money they can save.

Eat before you hit the parks

While the theme parks are immense fun, the food that’s served in them is often a little generic and nearly always on the expensive side. Experienced travellers will regularly head to one of the many restaurants in the local area for a hearty breakfast before their day of riding the rollercoasters. The stories you will have heard about the size of American meals are completely true, so you and your family can fill up for a fraction of the price.

Shop around for online bargains

The impact of comparison websites has been well-documented in recent times, and it should not be lost on Florida-bound tourists. Many visitors need to rent a vehicle during their stay, and the best option is without doubt to arrange it before arriving in the USA. Thanks to the Internet, it’s so easy to check out any car hire deals before the day or departure, and the good news is that the bargains only take a minute or two to locate.

Head to the outlet stores

One of the most pleasing aspects of a holiday, and particularly of one in the USA, is the chance to go shopping. Even tourists on a budget like a little retail therapy, so if you’re in the Sunshine State you need to make a date with the outlet stores. There are some wonderful bargains to be had, perhaps especially with clothing items, so it makes sense to set aside a little time to hit the shops. Travellers from Europe in particular often find themselves stunned by the exceptionally low prices.

Jamie Anderson is from the UK and is a frequent traveller to the United States.

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