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9 Ways To Travel Well On A Budget

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It seems everything, from a bar of chocolate to the petrol you put in your car, is getting more expensive these days. And holidays are no different.

The thought of staying in a flee-infested hostel or waiting by the road for a passing car to give you a lift is enough to send a shiver up anyone’s spine. However, travelling on a budget doesn’t have to be grim – there are lots of ways to see the world without spending a fortune.

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Travel during the week

Even if you are travelling during the peak season, booking a city break during the week rather than the more popular Friday-Sunday period could save you money on flights and hotels.

Go off the beaten track

Avoid the obvious places and travel somewhere that the tourists haven’t found yet, or where you’ll get a good exchange rate. Croatia hasn’t isn’t in the Euro and is slowing becoming a popular place to go for a cheap holiday.

Budget eats

Trying the local food is a huge part of travelling, but you don’t have to eat out for every meal. Save your pennies for a slap-up dinner and make your own the rest of the time. Try having a loaf of bread and some jam for breakfast in your hotel room and buying something simple from a local market to picnic with later on.

If you’ve got expensive tastes in food and want to treat yourself, think about reserving a table for lunch rather than dinner. Top restaurants often slash their prices or offer set meal deals during the day to attract lunch crowds, but you’ll get the same standard of cooking.

Get the best currency deals

Exchange your currency at the Post Office or Marks & Spencer, where you won’t be charged commission. Some banks can slap on hefty charges for withdrawing money abroad, so plan ahead.

Make the most of free activities

Sometimes the best things in life really are free. There are countless free days out to museums, parks, churches and beaches— giving you plenty to do without having to get your wallet out.

Holiday off-season

Hotel and flight prices tend to rise as demand goes up, so step away from the herd and book your holiday off-season to get the best cheap flight deals.

If you simply must have a summer holiday, Australia experiences winter from about June-August but the temperatures are still relatively mild (they average around 15 °C) — far more conducive for doing something active like walking around Ayers Rock.

Buy insurance

Ok, this will cost you more money initially, but losing your passport and wallet or getting injured while on holiday could throw you completely off your budget.

Save on transport

Sometimes the best way to explore a city and stumble across something unexpected is to see it on foot. Eschew the trains, taxis and buses and pack your comfiest walking shoes. If you’re worried about getting lost, download the Google Maps app to help you navigate the streets with confidence.

Think like a local

Try to blend in, speak the local language and venture off the tourist trail to shop, eat and play with the locals who know better than to pay inflated tourist prices.

Not sure where to start? The Spotted by Locals app is great for getting tip-offs by people living in over 44 European cities.

How do you save money on holiday? 

Katy Midhun is a travel agent working in London. She’s an expert on budget travel and is always happy to share her top saving tips.

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