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Best Truck Stops In America

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Truck Stops
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For all of the truck drivers and others that spend much of their time on the road, it’s important to have a place to stop and rest, take a shower, or get a hot meal. Truck stops have been an important part of America’s travel history for many years and continue to be today. Some truck stops are simple and have just the necessities, while others have unique characteristics or comforting amenities that allow for a more interesting experience than the normal rest or truck stop.

Iowa 80 Truck Stop

Location: I-80, Exit 284, Walcott, IA

The Iowa 80 Truck Stop is known as the largest truck stop in the United States. It has numerous features that make it not only the biggest, but arguably the best as well.


  • Parking for 800 semis
  • Dog Washing
  • Dentist Office
  • Barbershop
  • Super Truck Showroom which features wall-to-wall accessories that drivers can purchase to customize their trucks

Derrick Plaza Truck Stop

Location: I-85 Exit 71, Salisbury, NC

The Derrick Plaza is known for helping drivers go green and save on the cost of fuel at the same time. The drivers have the opportunity to plug into an electricity station which will run the heat, AC, and appliances within their truck while being able to shut the truck off.


  • Chapel available 24-7
  • Restaurant available 24-7
  • Barbershop

Alamo Plaza

Location: I-80 Exit 21, Sparks, NV

The Alamo Plaza is the place for truckers to go and get some rest along with being able to take the time to see if luck is on their side.


  • Twenty acre parking lot
  • More than 250 slot machines
  • Keno
  • Blackjack tables

Highland Petro Stop

Location: I-94 and Highway 20, Exit 333, Racine, WI

At the Highland Petro Stop, they know how hard it can be on a driver’s back to sit in a truck just about all day every day. Which is why this truck stop has a walk-in chiropractic service available.


  • Theater room
  • Barber shop

Lodi Travel Center

Location: I-71 and I-76 at Route 224, Exit 209, Seville, OH

The Lodi Travel Center is the perfect place to get a hot cup of coffee and surf the Internet or catch up with family online.


  • Internet lounge
  • Starbucks
  • Facilities made for truck drivers, which includes marble showers

Jubitz Travel Plaza

Location: I-5, Exit 307, Portland, OR

Being on the road all the time, it’s difficult for a truck driver to find to relax and have some fun. At the Jubitz Travel Plaza, drivers have the chance to relax and enjoy live music at the Ponderosa Lounge.You don’t need a commerical driver’s license to appreciate these cool ammenities.


  • Arcade
  • Cinema
  • Hotel with upscale accommodations, including a hot tub, as well as economy accommodations
  • Fine dining

Bosselman Travel Center

Location: I-80, Exit 312, Grand Island, NE

Bosselman Travel Center is a great place for truck drivers to stop and do some errands. They offer everything a driver or traveler would need while on the road.


  • Banking services
  • Game rooms
  • Mailing services
  • Laundry facilities

Florida 595 Truck Stop

Location: Intersection of I-595, 441, and the Florida Turnpike, Davie, FL

The Florida 595 Truck Stop is pet-friendly and has some great features for truck drivers and has a medical and dental clinic for those who have unfortunately found illness on the open road.


  • Tiki-bar
  • Game room
  • Spa
  • Chrome shop

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